Hey. I'm "Easton!" A small music creator that puts a shit ton of effort into what I do, im just trying to get out there. Have my name known, I'm not in it to get money.

2021.10.16 01:53 TrapinchGuy Hey. I'm "Easton!" A small music creator that puts a shit ton of effort into what I do, im just trying to get out there. Have my name known, I'm not in it to get money.

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2021.10.16 01:53 HandStampMania A Door

Have you ever had a kid straight up embarrass you in public? It weren't even my own spawn. Ok, sure we were related, but the entire reason I didn't have kids yet was to avoid situations like this. I had only recently found out how I wanted to live life, and I was spending my 30s enjoying that time. And the truth is, I'm not prepared. I wasn't. Even as I think about it now, I don't think I'd ever be prepared for what happened. My anxiety simply won't allow it. Another reason not to have kids. Do I actually want to pass that down?
Sam is crying, he is bawling his eyes out, there's snot running down his nose and his baby blues are literal pools. And I have never been so angry with him in my life. We were on the casino floor, waiting in line at a buffet.
I don't know what happened, honestly. One moment we were rushing out of the suite to catch the dinner buffet, hurrying along so we don't have to wait in the life draining lines that formed outside of Bacchanal; going out the door, down the elevator, and through the casino floor - queueing in a reasonable line.
"Auntie Mira, I need to go pee."
I sighed. Why was I always stuck with babysitting? My sister decides to have this kid and then never wants to claim responsibility for it. Dropping him off at my parent's house, or randomly calling me in the middle of the night (which is around 8:30 for me) and asking if I can babysit. It was just like her to be so completely irresponsible, even when we are on a Family, and I want to emphasis that, F, vacation. What did I expect? The girl whose never had a boyfriend for longer than a year, goes to Taiwan, gets knocked up, and then expects everyone else to pick up around her is suddenly going to change on a family trip? It was a good thing this kid was cute.
"We have to hurry, ok? Or else we're going to miss the buffet."
He nodded.
I glanced around and saw the bathrooms next to the buffet. Thank god that the architect had some sense. I took Sam's hand and in we went toward the side labeled for Women.
"It's for girls," he complained.
"No one is asking you to sit down."
He scrunched his nose, "Ok." We make it inside inside - inside, he gets in a stall, and everything is fine. I hear the toilet flush and I remind him to wash his hands. While he's washing his hands he suddenly freezes.
"Come on, finish washing your paws, we've got to get back in line."
He looks at his hands, not moving. I bop him lightly on the head. "What's wrong kiddo? We don't have all day."
"Something is wrong," he told me.
Fuck. What did I do? I let him watch cartoons earlier, I watered him, fed him a light snack, we played some games on my phone, we rushed down here, went to the bathroom. What happened. "Sam, what's wrong?" I grab his hands and turn them over in the light. He didn't reply. "Sam. You have to answer me. What's wrong? Are you ok?"
He looked reluctant to tell me, but finally the words started pouring from his mouth, "I'm not black anymore."
The black lady at the sink next to us looked at me.
"He's not mine. I mean, I'm his aunt. I don't know where he, I'm so sorry." I grab Sam by the hand and we got out of there. We're finally back in line, a few places behind, but nothing too bad. "Ok. Ok. It looks like we're going to be ok." I strain my neck and realize they haven't brought out the crab legs yet. "Looking good buddy," I told him. "Sam?"
I looked down and he's still looking at his hands in disbelief. Kids. What easily amused little creatures they are, a mystery, a real mystery. I glance up again, anxiously looking at the Seafood section inside of the buffet. I feel him tugging at my shirt.
"Auntie Mira, what happened to me?"
I almost didn't bother to look down, still anxiously surveying our situation, but I did. And he was still looking at his hands, turning them backward and frontward. And that was when he looked at me, his eyes widening, and he starts crying. "Auntie Mira, what happened to you? Why aren't you black either?" A few people in line are looking at me. I am smiling apologetically and trying to comfort him at the same time.
"Auntie Mira! Why? What's going on?"
"What are you talking about," I hissed through my teeth.
"I went into the bathroom, and I came out to wash my hands like you told me. And when I'm washing m-my hands...did I wash the black off of me?"
There's snot all over my hand, he's got big fat tears rolling out of the almond edge in his eyes, and there is a gorgeous blue hidden upon each blink. And I don't know much about the different types of melanin or what not - between Taiwanese people and Caucasian girls from Missouri, but this kid was white. Beige at best. Making me pink right now.
"Why aren't I black!" He yells. "What happened to me?" He starts wringing his hands in the air, trying to dry them? He's throwing a fit, stomping the ground. "I was black. Black, black. Black. What happened to me?"
If there were a few people paying attention to us before, they were all paying attention to us now. I grab him by the shoulders and looked him dead in the eye, "Sam. I don't know what has gotten into you. I don't know where you might ' have heard this. But you aren't black." I rub his back with my hand. "You're going to have to calm down, and be a good boy. We're waiting in line, and you're disturbing all the people here."
"B-but Auntie Mira." I could see his brain churning. "I was black. M-maybe. Maybe I left my black back in the bathroom."
A few people were laughing, smiling behind their hands. Chuckling even. But I could begin to see how it was disturbing some people. And that was when a man approached me and said, "Which door did he go through?"
I was confused at the question.
"Which door did he last go through?"
Did elevator count as doors? Did doorways count as doors? What was this man asking? "I-I'm not sure I know what you mean."
He looks at Sam, "Which door did you go through?"
Sam is trying to stifle his tears, "The stall in the Women's room."
The strange man looks at me and says, "It might not be too late. Take him back into the stall, and have him walk through it again."
Oh. I get it. The old psychological mind trick thing. I think. With the crowd of people now staring at us, there wasn't much else I could do. So I grab Sam by the hand, and I reluctantly get out of line, and we go to the Women's bathroom. I find the same stall and I open it up.
"I'm not going back in there," Sam tells me.
"Come on Sam, it'll be fine. When you come back out, everything is going to be fine."
"I said, I'm not going in there!" He pulls his hands loose from mine and tries to make a beeline out of the bathroom. But I'm fast as fuck boi. And I ring him around the collar.
"Trust me, the man outside said it'll work. And he looked trustworthy right?"
Sam stopped for a minute and then looked at me, "Yeah, I think so. He was black."
"See, now come on. I'll go in there with you. And we can give it a try."
He nods his head, "Ok. But you have to go in there with me."
So I extend my hand and wait for him to take it. Then together we open the stall door, close it behind us and lock it. "Just like that, right? This is what you did?"
He nods his head.
"Ok, I'm going to unlock it now, and we're going to step outside. Ok?"
He nods his head again.
"3-2-1." I open the door. "See. Everything is great now. What did I tell you?"
But then he looks up at me, and for a second my brain didn't quite register what I was seeing. I grab his hand and we rush to the sink so I can look into the mirror. "Ok. What the fuck is going on here."
"Auntie Mira, look! We're black again."
I look into the mirror, and it was true. My skin was a crisp tone of ebony. Smooth to the touch, flat and even, and my eyes were pools of sun spoken honey. And yet it was still me. I might have looked slightly different but I could still tell that it was me looking through these eyes.
"Sam," I said. "Sam?"
"I'm me again," he said. But then he looked up at me, "But you're not my real Auntie are you? You look like her. You even smell like her. But, you're not her, are you?"
"I don't. I don't know, Sam."
"When's my birthday," he asked me.
I racked my brain, "De-cember....nine? Teenth?"
He shook his head, "I think you need to go back through the door. My real Auntie would never forget my birthday." He pointed at the stall.
I don't know why I decided to take directions from a 6 year old. Or was he 5? But at this point I didn't know what else to do. I blew some air in my face out of habit, to get the hair out of my eyes. "Ok. wish me luck kiddo."
He nodded as I closed the door behind me. "3-2-1." I opened the door. And he was still standing there. I closed the door again. "3-2-1." I opened it. And he was still there. "Shit, what do I do?"
He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. Maybe try the other one."
What else was I going to do? I opened the stall up next to me, quickly closing it behind me, "321." I opened the door, "Sam I don't think..."
Except now I wasn't in the casino bathroom anymore. The interior was stale. Sterile? It was grey. I looked up at the mirror in front of me and saw that I was wearing scrubs. Suddenly the door opened. It was an orderly or a nurse? She grabbed my elbow and began to drag me out, "Dr. Ramirez, we have been searching for you. Where have you been? You're due in surgery right now!"
I struggled against her grip, but she was surprisingly strong. "No, you don't understand. I was just in the bathroom. I got out. And I'm here now. But I was supposed to be at a buffet."
"Oh. Ha-ha. Very funny. And I'm supposed to be on a beach in Florida right now, but look at us, a couple of lost birds flocking together."
"W-what? What does that even mean?"
She pushed us through another pair of doors, "We've got to hurry. You're late as it is, honestly, what would you do without me? Your patient could have died."
"P-patient? No, I think you're misunderstanding something. I'm not a doctor."
"And I don't get paid enough for this, but here we are. Now. Come on."
She thrusts me into an operating room. There's a few masked people, also in scrubs, standing around a body laying on the table. The body is mostly covered by blue paper towels, exposing what looked like the chest cavity of a man, a man which had been completely cut open. The guy holding the electric saw in his hands waved it at me, "Finally, Dr. Ramirez, you're here."
The woman that had dragged me from the bathroom started running the water in the sink, "Well? Aren't you going to scrub up?"
I take another look at the body laying on the table. The heart was beating, and the bright red organs reminded me of cooked crab. "Oh my god. I have to throw up." I ran out of there, bolted back the way I came, got into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I find the stall and it hails from my mouth.
I hear a knock. I throw up again. Another knock. "I'm fine. It's okay. I'm fine." I wipe my mouth and I open the door. There's an officer standing in front of me. He's smiling.
"It's always the pussies that can kill and torture but can't face the music," he says.
He shoves me. I get a glance at the mirror before we leave. I'm white again. Oh thank God, it's me. He pushes me again. "Hey, excuse me. Could you not do that? And what are you doing in the Women's bathroom?"
"Shut the fuck up and move," he pushes me again.
I whirl around and point my finger in his face. He breaks it. I scream out loud. He pushes me again, out of the bathroom. There's concrete everywhere, even on the walls, and it begins to dawn on me. Am I in a prison?
"Where are we," I ask.
"Same place you've been for the past 3 years. Maximum holding." He laughs. "But not for long."
"The next few minutes are a blur Father. They push me into this place and they call it my cell. And someone was singing the funeral song from church." I clutch my head. "And I don't even know what is going on around here. I don't know what's happening," I cried.
I could see the Father looking down at me, there's a worn bible in his hand. His reading glasses are at the tip of his nose. "You know what you did to those poor, poor folks at that camp. You know what you did. And now you must speak to the Lord about your sins."
"No, Father. I'm telling you, it wasn't me. It wasn't me."
There's a look of disgust on his face. "Take her away," he tells the guards. I hear the lock click open.
The two guards are waiting for me to step out. When I don't, I hear one of them say, "That's the way it's going to be huh? Fine by me." I'm hit with the baton to the back of my head, and they start dragging me out. I can barely hear the voices, the taunts, and jeers from the other death row inmates.
"It wasn't me," I said. "It wasn't me. It was the door. The door. Please, it was the door."
There's a pause. I'm waiting for more, but the guard shrugs. "Hey lady, that's all I heard, before you know, they zapped her."
I shake my head and put my notepad away, "My boss isn't going to like this one bit."
He shrugs his shoulders, "That's not my problem, babe. That's what I saw. Now you going to pay me or what?"
I look him in the eye, "And you're okay with taking my money on some bullshit story?"
He takes the outstretched $100 bill, "It's fine by me," he said.
Now I'm sitting here, finished writing this story, and it's such a crazy story - that after I finished writing it. I read it again. Then I read it a second time. And each time I read it. It just kept getting more and more outlandish. Who was going to believe this? That a mass murderer's last account of events was this pathetic excuse of insanity. Too little too late honey. God. I need a shower. I feel dirty just writing this garbage. I put out my cigarette in the ashtray provided by the motel. I undo the hairband that kept my bun in place, and shake it out. I let loose my bra and let out a deserved sigh. "God that felt good." And when I walk toward the bathroom door, I place my hand on the knob and I'm reminded of what happened. There's a moment of hesitation resting in me. Stupid right? It's just a door.
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2021.10.16 01:53 KingDiamondURU666 Diputado blanco pagó en negro a trabajadora y le ofreció $ 300 mil para evitar demanda laboral

Diputado blanco pagó en negro a trabajadora y le ofreció $ 300 mil para evitar demanda laboral submitted by KingDiamondURU666 to uruguay [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:53 I_Think_Naught Do you have to have a phone to use Whoop or can you just sinc it with a laptop?

My phone is too old to sinc with Whoop. Can I just sinc it to a laptop twice a day?
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2021.10.16 01:53 Lumber_jack366 XP outfit boosts still valid when with Diango?

I've been wondering and the wiki isn't explicitly clear on this - if I have, for example, the full golden mining outfit and the full magic golem outfit, would the xp boost from the mining outfit still be applied to the golem if it's destroyed and sent to diango or does it have to be in my bank?
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2021.10.16 01:53 Morgan-992 Whether you're an expert decorator or just starting to learn, this tip set should be a staple in your kitchen. This delicate piping set allows you to create enticingly elaborate designs on cupcakes that will leave everyone stupefied! With the coupler and piping bag included

Whether you're an expert decorator or just starting to learn, this tip set should be a staple in your kitchen. This delicate piping set allows you to create enticingly elaborate designs on cupcakes that will leave everyone stupefied! With the coupler and piping bag included submitted by Morgan-992 to CakeDecoratingIdeas [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:53 AnnaGorlos Multi-function: You can not only use it to squeeze toothpaste but also use it to squeeze cream tube, cleansing foam or other items. Reuseable. Virtually unbreakable. The tube squeezer works wellfor tubes of width less than 2 inches, works best on aluminum / plastic tubes.

Multi-function: You can not only use it to squeeze toothpaste but also use it to squeeze cream tube, cleansing foam or other items. Reuseable. Virtually unbreakable. The tube squeezer works wellfor tubes of width less than 2 inches, works best on aluminum / plastic tubes. submitted by AnnaGorlos to Annaxo [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:53 levi2207 My issues with Red Hood (AKA, what they *should* have done with Jason in my opinion)

Now, let me preface this by saying that Jason is by far my favourite member of the batfam, I very much love under the red hood and am in love with his moral conflict with Bruce, it's one of the best batman stories, imo.
I just wish DC thought the same.
This is some thoughts regarding Jason, where he was, where he is, and what they, in my opinion, should have done instead of what he is currently.
Its two main points, really, one is moreso story focussed, the second is very much a personal take.
Shoehorning Red hood into the family's "anti-hero" I could have worked with, having him be at odds with the family and yet still want to protect Gotham I like, but I feel like they didn't want that for some reason?
Red hood, in my humble opinion, should have stayed a villain. Now I'm not saying dont have him team up on occasions. Jason's a gothamite first and foremost, something fucks with the alley, they fuck with Jason. But they set up Tim and his rivalry, Dick and him, basically his stigma and hatred for everyone and just did not follow through.
Despite the numerous issues both outlaws runs have, I like the idea of Jason detaching himself from Gotham and helping combat worldwide threats, and the first half (the dexter soy half) of his and Artemis' relationship was utterly adorable and some of the only Lobdell writing I can stomach.
And then they put him back in Gotham.
My issue is that they give Jason so much, the all blades, his entire all caste schtick, the outlaws, etc. etc. And they refuse to follow through because they want him to stick to Gotham.
Imho there are three directions I would have preferred to the current one.
!. Crime lord. Have Jason keep the iceberg lounge, his resurrection and legally alive status combined with his shady dealings and ever increasing kingpin status combined with the fact the bats cant really take him in because it'll mean they all get compromised could have been such a great buildup for stories centering around the politics of Gotham mobs and Jason's original "crime can be controlled" philosophy from UTRH

  1. Outlaws. Merge the outlaw teams, have them travel across the world, set up conflicts, maybe with the justice league, maybe with eachother, like that is such a good found family premise, every single 'outcast' of their respective families teaming up together and dispensing their own brand of justice
  2. Jason Todd: monster hunter. This is one I'd like to see but the least likely, tweak his all blades stuff, lean more into his teachings, have Jason become essentially a part of the JL: Dark roster, have him deal with the occult, team up with Constantine, Raven and Zatanna, become someone that protects humanity as a whole, not just a city.
Those are the directions I'd like to have seen, here is my pet peeve
Like, straight up Jason and Bruce's relationship is fucking full on abuse post resurrection, and I'd argue somewhat pre resurrection too. The whole Felipe Garzonas situation is meant to be ambiguous, but Bruce telling the kid he adopted "I'm not your father" is FUCKED
Lets not even get into the fights, calling Jason 'his greatest failure" nearly beating jason to death on a rooftop, dragging him back to the place he died to jog his memory, and straight up gaslighting him in urban heroes
and the worst part?
It works
despite everything Jason is now "happily" in the batfam, having given up his guns and having 'earned' bruce's fucking permission to be red hood
and once again Bruce fucking gets away with this bullshit, I'm so sick and tired of every single horrid act Bruce puts his children through to be swept under the rug, like Jason forgiving Bruce for everything could have been interesting if it had been handled from the perspective of a deep dive into abusive relationships
Nope. Perfectly healthy, or at least portrayed as such.
Tl;dr Jason shouldn't just be another one of the batkids, and Tim being Bi is the only good part of batman: urban legends
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2021.10.16 01:53 Josephcooper96 anyone know the author who makes the patches for the cotn series?

I know we have patches for immersive laundry and alternate start for morthal, dawnstar and winterhold except falkreath yet but is there any way to get patches for holidays or notice board or any of the lanterns of skyrim mods? Also is simplicity of snow compatible with cotn winterhold or dawnstar?
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2021.10.16 01:53 BurnsRedit Finish this playlist……….?

  1. Pink Floyd - Time
  2. Radiohead - Reckoner
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2021.10.16 01:53 retrocheats [FN] The Wicked Witch (Feel free to criticize)

I wrote this story for a streamer, and my story includes some usernames of "agent 47", "dog_snax", with a sprinkle of some chat jokes like "jar of dirt"
Far far away in a little cottage lived an old evil witch named Victoria. She was baking chocolate chip cookies. The cookies weren’t anything special. It’s just your standard recipe of flour, eggs, milk, etc. However, Victoria added extra ingredients to this recipe. 1 drop of her sweat, a single tear, and a drop of her blood. Before baking the cookies, she said her incantation.
“I cast a spell on this dough, to the person who ate it will get old
Let me receive their youth and beauty, so I can be a cutie
Devil, give the flour this power
So mote it be” she said three times.
She put the cookies in the oven, and waited til they were done baking. The cookies were perfect and smelled delicious. These cookies had the power to drain the life out of the victim, and make Victoria young and beautiful. She put the cookies in a little basket, and left her cottage. Several hours later, she spotted a short young beautiful woman, who was crying.
“I wish I wasn’t so short!” cried the short woman.
“Pardon me dear, what’s your name?” asked Victoria.
“Zhu,” she replied.
“It’s OK, Zhu. Do you really wish you weren’t short? I got these magical cookies that will help you grow,” said Victoria.
Victoria hands Zhu a cookie.
“Try it, one bite and you’ll grow an entire foot,” said Victoria.
Zhu takes a bite.
“Wow, this is the best cookie I tasted in my life!” she said, while finishing the cookie.
“I feel my body changing. This is so exciting!” Zhu shouted.
Zhu’s body quickly began to increase in age, while Victoria’s body decreased in age.
“Why is my hair turning grey? Why am I getting wrinkles?” asked Zhu while panicking.
“Foolish woman, I tricked you. You’re growing older and older, while I grow younger and younger,” said Victoria.
Zhu collapsed to the ground and died.
“Ahh, young and beautiful once again,” said Victoria.
50 years later.
Victoria wakes up and looks at the mirror.
“Is that grey hair I see? Looks like I need to bake a batch of cookies again,” she thought.
Victoria goes to her cupboard and notices she’s missing flour. Without it, she can’t bake cookies.
“Darn it. Looks like I need to head to the market,” she thought.
She leaves her cottage, and begins the long journey to the market.
Meanwhile, in a small village named The Shire, lived a young and beautiful woman named Plucky. She was a kind soul, who was loved by all. Her favorite hobbies were reading, crafting, and baking. She loved to bake chocolate chip cookies, and always shared them with the entire village.
“Oh no, I’m out of flour,” she said out loud.
Plucky, didn’t waste any time. She grabbed all her supplies, and began her journey to the market.
“Hey, Plucky. Where are you off so early in the morning?” asked her neighbor, Dennis.
“I’m off to the market, I need some flour for my cookies,” replied Plucky.
“While you’re there, can you get my dog a snack?” he asked while giving her some money.
“Sure thing. Take care,” replied Plucky.
On the journey to the market, Plucky and Victoria bumped into each other.
“Hello, where are you heading my dear?” asked Victoria.
“I’m heading to the market, as I need flour for my cookies,” replied Plucky.
“Oh wow, I also bake cookies. That’s why I’m heading to the market too. Mind if we go together? It’s not safe for an old lady all by herself,” said Victoria.
Plucky happily agreed, and they continued the journey together while sharing more details about themselves.
In order to get to the market, you must travel through the forest named, fangorn forest. Neither Victoria nor Plucky were scared, as they traveled this path many times.
“Stay close, I’ll keep you safe,” said Plucky.
“Oh thank-you dear. I don’t know how I would have made this trip on my own,” Victoria replied.
Suddenly, a goblin appeared in front of them. Victoria, pulled out a small knife from her pocket and was ready to kill the creature.
“Hello, Agent 47. How are you today?” asked Plucky.
Agent 47 responded “All is well. No signs of trouble in the forest today.”
Plucky hands Agent 47 a bag of apples.
“Be sure to share those apples with the rest of your friends,” said Plucky.
“What spell did you use to befriend that creature?” asked Victoria.
“Spell? You don’t use spells to make friends. You make friends by being kind,” replied Plucky.
They got out of the forest, and continued the journey to the market. You could see the market from here, but first, they had to cross a bridge. The bridge was guarded by a large ogre named Michael.
“Get out the way you ugly brute!” screamed Victoria.
The ogre stepped aside, and began to cry. Plucky looked very disappointed as Victoria, and began to comfort the ogre.
“It’s Ok Michael, I’m sure she’s just in a bad mood,” said Plucky.
“She must always be in a bad mood then, as she’s always mean to me,” replied Michael.
“Hang on a sec, I got something that might cheer you up,” said Plucky.
It was a jar of dirt from her village.
Michael replied “I love the smell of your village’s dirt. Thanks Plucky, you’re so kind.”
Plucky went up to Victoria, stared her in the face, with an angry look.
“Why are you so mean to people? First you almost stab my goblin friend, and then you’re rude my ogre friend? What is wrong with you?” asked Plucky in a fit of rage.
Victoria knew she might need Plucky later, to turn young again, so she began to cry.
“I’m so sorry my dear. I have been old and alone for so long now. I don’t know how to make friends like you? Will you please forgive me?” asked Victoria.
“Alright, I forgive you,” replied Plucky.
They headed into the market and bought all the supplies they needed.
“I have an idea! Why don’t you come over to my place, and we can bake some cookies together. Maybe, make it a competition?” asked Victoria.
“Uh, Where do you live?” asked Plucky.
Victoria explained how she lived in a cottage all by herself, far away from society. Plucky declined, as it did not feel safe.
“Ok, then. How about we meet up tomorrow, at the same place we bumped into each other?” asked Victoria.
Plucky agreed, and they began their journey back home. On the way back, Victoria apologized to Michael, and Agent 47. She needed Plucky to trust her, as Plucky was the perfect young and beautiful victim. Once they got out of the forest, they said bye to each other, and traveled the rest of the journey back home on their own.
It was late, so Victoria just sat around, and relaxed for the rest of the night, til she was ready to sleep. When Plucky got back, she saw Dennis and handed him a bone covered in meat.
“Hope your dog will like this snack,” said Plucky.
“Thanks Plucky, you’re the best,” replied Dennis.
Plucky went inside her home, laid in her bed, and began to read a book, before eventually falling asleep.
The next morning, both Plucky and Victoria baked chocolate chip cookies, and headed off to meet each other.
Before Victoria could even see Plucky in her sight, she smelled the chocolate cookies. Agent 47, who was nearby, also smelled Plucky’s cookies and began to look for Plucky, as he was hoping to get a taste.
“Hey Plucky! Wow, those are great smelling cookies. Want to try mine first, and tell me what you think of it?” asked Victoria.
Plucky grabbed the cookie and was ready to take a bite, but saw Agent 47 running towards her.
“Hey Plucky, are those cookies I smell? May I have a taste?” asked Agent 47.
“Sure thing,” Plucky said.
Without thinking, Plucky handed Agent 47 a cookie that Victoria made. This cookie was full of dark magic, and Agent 47 gobbled the entire thing.
“Noo! What have you done?” screamed Victoria.
Plucky was confused, and noticed Victoria started to turn green.
“What is happening to you?” asked Plucky.
Victoria was looking more and more like a goblin. Agent 47 was growing older and older.
“Plucky, what is happening to me?” asked Agent 47.
Plucky gasped in horror. Her friend was quickly dying.
“What did you do? What is in these cookies?” screamed Plucky.
Agent 47 died and Victoria turned into a goblin. Plucky began to cry.
Victoria shouted “My beauty is gone! There must be a way to fix this curse!”
Loud screams began coming from the forest. It was the other 46 agents!
“What happened to my friend?” shouted Agent 1.
Plucky pointed at Victoria.
“She did this! She’s a witch!” shouted Plucky.
The other agents grabbed Victoria and dragged her into the forest, never to be seen again.
The End!
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2021.10.16 01:53 Onetimeiwentoutside What’s your favorite weapon type?

Vote for your favorite weapon type! Doesn’t matter if you like because of it’s damage, style points, or just personal preference.
View Poll
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2021.10.16 01:53 frenchchips11 What was his name again?

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2021.10.16 01:53 According_Switch_760 Photoshop Update (v. 22.5.1) and 3D work

Hey, has anyone encountered issues with v. 22.5.1 and opening 3D work. I'm getting a black screen and I'm not sure on how to proceed.
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2021.10.16 01:53 bigbear0083 Wall Street Week Ahead for the trading week beginning October 18th, 2021

Good Friday evening to all of you here on StockMarketChat. I hope everyone on this sub made out pretty nicely in the market this past week, and is ready for the new trading week ahead.
Here is everything you need to know to get you ready for the trading week beginning October 18th, 2021.
Earnings are the big catalyst for stocks in the week ahead, as Tesla and Netflix report - (Source)

Stocks appear to have shaken off the often spooky trading pattern of October for now, and whether that continues could depend on earnings in the week ahead.
Dozens of companies are reporting, from Netflix and Tesla to Intel, Procter & Gamble and American Express. Railroads, airlines, health care, tech, financial firms, energy and consumer products companies are all reporting in the first big wave of reports.
Stocks were higher in the past week, with the Nasdaq leading the charge with a 2.2% gain. Cyclical sectors, like materials, industrials and consumer discretionary were outperformers, and tech held its own with a 2.6% gain. Real estate investment trusts were also among the best sectors up nearly 3.5%.
“Unlike prior earnings seasons that we’ve seen recently, the expectations are a bit more muted heading into this earnings season, as far as analysts’ revisions are concerned,” said Paul Hickey, co-founder of Bespoke. “That tends to lower the bar, which makes the earnings season much more manageable. Volatility is a code word for ‘down.’ Manageable is a code word for ‘up.’ That’s a decent set-up and just the fact that the market has been down heading into the earnings season.”
Hickey said it’s not clear the strong surge in stocks in the last few sessions is signaling an all-clear for usually negative tone of October.
“We’ll have a better idea once we get through all these earnings reports coming up next week,” he said. “That’s going to be the big tell. So far the initial reactions haven’t been too bad, especially given all the concerns people have had over the headwinds. Everyone’s been so concerned about the supply chain issues and inflation, and the companies that reported have held up reasonably well.”
Hickey noted that Nike stock has recouped much of the decline it saw after the company discussed supply issues Sept. 23 in its fiscal first-quarter report.
Major banks, like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, have reported quarterly results with solid beats in the past week. The financial sector, which includes insurance and credit-card firms besides banks, is at this point expected to see a profit gain of 30.7%, according to I/B/E/S data from Refinitiv. Overall the profits of S&P 500 companies are expected to gain 32%, based on estimates and actual third-quarter reports.
Refinitiv says companies are beating expectations so far by 15.6%, compared to the long-term average of 4%, but below the 18.4% average of the last four quarters. Energy is expected to see the biggest profit gains, a shocking 1,517%, while the utilities sector is forecast to have the lowest gain, just 0.2%.
“Some smaller groups are knocking the lights out, but it’s not the same thing as if it was uniform,” said Jonathan Golub, chief U.S. equity strategist at Credit Suisse. “Roughly speaking, the cyclical groups are expected to have growth of 96% this quarter and tech is expected to be about 25%... I think the story here is the financial and cyclical parts of the market are really going to surprise, as long as you have disruption. As long as disruption continues, it’s going to benefit certain companies. It may be transitory, but transitory could last a year or two.”
Golub said it could be a risk for the market if only some groups are earnings winners. “If we can get an aggregate beat of 8% to 10%, but it’s being held up by a smaller part of the market, and the median company is not delivering stronger earnings numbers, it is a negative,” he said. “It’s one of my concerns about the earnings season.”
Golub said investors have been worried about margins being squeezed because of higher input costs, but he said a bigger concern is that companies are unable to make deliveries because they don’t have products.
“They got an order. They can’t fulfil it, and they can’t book the sale. That’s the risk here. I think it’s real. Inventories are being adjusted further down, and backlogs are being adjusted further up. Delivery times are getting extended further and further,” Golub said. “That’s the risk.”
Golub expects the S&P 500 to reach 4,600 by the end of 2021, from its current 4,471 level, and he said he sees nothing to derail that expectation. He expects cyclicals should do better, but technology stocks are likely to be just market performers.
″[Tech’s] growth is not impressive on a forward 12-month basis, and it’s disproportionately expensive,” he said. “I think the growth stocks in general and tech stocks more specifically are going to face stiff headwinds from the combination of valuations being really high and their expected sales growth being weaker than the rest of the market. If this was just the current quarter, it would be one thing but it’s not. It’s the next 12 months.”
“If interest rates and everything lines up for tech, that’s great,” he said. But he said he does not see tech as a leader in the next year. “I think they’ll be market performers, but I think they’ll be winners for the next decade —100%.”
The 10-year Treasury yield, which particularly influences technology and growth shares, was at 1.57% Friday, after topping 1.60% in the past week.
Besides earnings, there are a few economic reports to watch, including existing home sales and the Philadelphia Fed manufacturing survey on Thursday. On Friday, Markit manufacturing and services PMI data is released. The Federal Reserve’s beige book on the economy is issued Wednesday afternoon.
The first bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund could begin to trade next week, when ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is expected to debut. The Securities and Exchange Commission could still hold up the ETF if it objects to the filing before midnight Monday, but that is not seen as likely, a source told CNBC.
Bitcoin rose above $60,000 for the first time in six months Friday, as investors bet the ProShares and other cryptocurrency-based ETFs would begin to trade soon.
This past week saw the following moves in the S&P: (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL S&P TREE MAP FOR THE PAST WEEK!) S&P Sectors for this past week: (CLICK HERE FOR THE S&P SECTORS FOR THE PAST WEEK!) Major Indices for this past week: (CLICK HERE FOR THE MAJOR INDICES FOR THE PAST WEEK!) Major Futures Markets as of Friday's close: (CLICK HERE FOR THE MAJOR FUTURES INDICES AS OF FRIDAY!) Economic Calendar for the Week Ahead: (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ECONOMIC CALENDAR FOR THE WEEK AHEAD!) Percentage Changes for the Major Indices, WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD as of Friday's close: (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) S&P Sectors for the Past Week: (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Major Indices Pullback/Correction Levels as of Friday's close: (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Major Indices Rally Levels as of Friday's close: (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for this week: ([CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!]()) (T.B.A. THIS WEEKEND.)
Here are the upcoming IPO's for this week: (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Friday's Stock Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades: (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART LINK #1!) (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART LINK #2!) (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART LINK #3!) (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART LINK #4!)
Double Digit Gain for Bullish Sentiment The S&P 500 has managed to put in a higher low in the past few days, and investor sentiment is reflecting the recovery in equity prices. The AAII's weekly sentiment survey saw the percentage of respondents reporting as bullish leap 12.4 percentage points to 37.9%. That is only the highest level since September 9th, but it also marked the largest one-week increase in bullish sentiment since last November. The last double-digit increase was just over six months ago during the week of April 8th when it rose 11.1 percentage points.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) The recovery in bullish sentiment this week leaves the reading essentially right in line with its historical average, but again it has been a while since bullish sentiment has experienced such a large increase. Going back through the history of the survey, there have been 43 other times in which bullish sentiment has risen at least 10 percentage points in a week without another occurrence in the prior six months. As shown below, those types of moves have typically been positive for short-term performance with the S&P 500 on average outperforming the norm one week, one month, and three months out. With that said, returns six and twelve months later have tended to see slightly weaker than normal returns.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) With a big increase in bullish sentiment, bearish sentiment pulled back to 31.8%. That is the lowest level since the first week of September, and similar to bullish sentiment, it is not far off from the historical average. In other words, the size of the move was large but the level of sentiment is pretty unremarkable.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) The inverse moves in bullish and bearish sentiment resulted in the spread between the two to move back in favor of bulls for the first time in a month. The one-week increase in the spread also tied the week of February 11th for the largest jump since last November.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Bullish sentiment appears to have borrowed more heavily from those formerly reporting as neutral. Whereas bearish sentiment dropped 5 percentage points week over week, neutral sentiment shed 7.4 percentage points. Again, that decline does not mark any notable low and is not far away from the historical average.
Two Big Banks Break Two Long Streaks Earlier on Thursday, we noted how shares of JP Morgan Chase (JPM) had traded lower on their earnings reaction days for five straight quarters. Despite the string of weak short-term reactions to earnings, though, JPM has performed very well in the period encompassing this streak rallying more than 66% since the start of September 2020. While JPM's streak of five straight negative reactions to earnings reports was impressive enough, two other big banks that reported on Thursday were riding even longer streaks of negative reactions to earnings. Heading into Thursday's report, Bank of America (BAC) had traded lower in reaction to earnings for seven straight quarters while Citigroup (C) traded down for six straight quarters. In both cases, Thursday's positive price reactions to their respective reports ended those streaks.
Like JPM, while both stocks have experienced very negative short-term reactions to their earnings reports, during the entire run of declines on their earnings reaction days, they have both rallied sharply. In the case of BAC, the stock has rallied 33% since the start of 2020 when its earnings losing streak began, while shares of C are up 95% since the start of April when its six-quarter streak began. In the case of Citi, in fact, it has actually outperformed the S&P 500 which is up 75% in that same span. As noted with JPM, the performance of these two stocks also suggests that a stock's short-term reaction to earnings isn't necessarily a good indicator of its longer-term outlook.
US Outperforms the Rest of the World... Again In January of this year, we looked at the relative performance of the United States versus the rest of the world (ROW). At the time, ROW was making up lost ground relative to the US, but that didn't last long. Through the first three quarters of 2021, the US (SPDR S&P 500 ETF-SPY) picked up steam once again and has significantly outpaced both the rest of the world (Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF- VEU) and emerging markets (iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF- EEM). Emerging markets have been the underperformers of the group while the US has led. Although EEM outperformed at the beginning of 2021, the index has since moved lower while the US trudged higher right up through early September. YTD through the end of Q3, SPY has outperformed EEM by 19.5 percentage points, which ranks as the second-widest spread between the two ETFs since EEM started trading in 2004. While not to the same degree, the US has also notably outperformed the rest of the world as well with a performance gap of 12.4 percentage points.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Over the last 17 years, Q4 performance has been mixed after the performance spread between SPY and EEM during the first three quarters of the year was in the double digits. Since 2004, there have been five prior occurrences, and in three of those years, SPY continued to outperform in Q4 while it lagged twice. Over the last decade, EEM has only outperformed SPY two times through the end of Q3 (2016 and 2017), and this year is the fourth in a row where SPY outperformed EEM.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Similar to EEM, SPY has also steadily outperformed VEU in the first three quarters of the year with outperformance in 11 of the last 14 years. Interestingly, in the three years where SPY lagged VEU, it outperformed in Q4 all three times. Like this year, SPY outperformed VEU by double-digit percentages in the first three quarters of the year only three other times since 2008. The last two times there was a positive double-digit spread (2018 and 2020), VEU outperformed for the remainder of the year.
Investors often look to play trends in the first three quarters of the year for a continuation through Q4 or a reversion to the mean. However, in terms of big performance gaps between US stocks and both international and emerging markets in the first three quarters of the year, like the analysis we highlighted last week with sectors, historically there's been no discernible trend of either a continuation or reversal of that trend in Q4.
Airline Passenger Traffic Back on the Ascent After a Weird August After a surge in the first half of the year and into Summer which took the number of daily air passengers back to levels last seen before the pandemic, Americans started to pull back in their air travel from late July through early September. Much of this decline was likely seasonal in nature, but the rise of the COVID Delta variant likely played a role too, at least at the margin. After peaking out just shy of 2.1 million passengers per day, the average daily volume of travelers in the nation's airports fell by nearly 25% through mid-September. Since that low a month ago, though, volumes have been on the rise, and average daily air passenger traffic over the last seven days is now only down 10% from its July high.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) As air passenger traffic has picked up, it's not surprising that the airline stocks have bounced a bit off their lows in August. The ETF which tracks the major airlines in the sector (JETs) has rallied more than 10% from its August low. It was also up as much as 18% earlier this month before crude oil prices topping $80 started to weigh on sentiment in the sector.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) In looking at air travel trends on a monthly basis, one thing that stands out is just how strange of a month August was. The chart below shows the percentage of days by month that passenger traffic was up relative to its reading in the prior week. Back in March 2020 when air passenger traffic ground to a halt, every day saw week/week declines in passenger traffic. Coming off of a low base, these readings picked up in May and June as the panic started to subside, and throughout 2021, we continued to see steady levels of week/week increases in air passenger traffic. In five of the first seven months of 2021, at least half of all days saw air passenger traffic levels above their week-ago levels, and the two that didn't (January and April) still had more than a third of all days show increases.
But then came August. Throughout the entire month of August, there was only one day (8/1) where passenger traffic was up week/week and from there the next 30 days were all lower. Granted, traffic levels were coming off of post-pandemic highs, but the fact that traffic levels were so steady to the downside implies that Americans just didn't want to fly. While most people were sad to see the summer come to an end, thankfully for the country's airlines, traffic picked up again in September, and October is now on pace to be the second straight month where passenger traffic levels have increased on a week/week basis on at least two-thirds of days.
Claims Sub-300K Initial jobless claims have continued to decline with this week's reading falling to 293K from an upwardly revised reading of 329K last week. The 36K week/week decline was not only more than double the expected decline, but it was also the largest since a 48K drop at the end of June. Additionally, after this week's decline, the seasonally adjusted number is now at the lowest level of the pandemic, only 37K above the levels from March 14, 2020. After revisions to prior weeks, this week also marks the first sub-300K reading since the pandemic began.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) While seasonally adjusted claims were lower, unadjusted claims rose to 277K from 261K. A rise in regular state claims is very much the norm for the current week of the year with said week having historically observed claims rise WoW over three-quarters of the time going back to 1967. Before seasonal adjustments, claims have likely put in their seasonal low and will continue to trend higher into the end of the year. Additionally, with the end of enhanced benefit programs in early September, PUA claims have continued to drop off coming in at 21.62K this week. While at a nearly negligible level, that is still a few thousand off the low of 14.79K from the week of September 17th.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) (CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Continuing claims after seasonal adjustment likewise reached a new low of 2.593 million. This week's 134K decline was the third week/week drop in a row and the largest of those weeks. That leaves claims 809K above the levels from right before the pandemic.
(CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!) Tacking on all programs for continuing claims gives a more complete picture with the most recent data through the week of September 24th. Total claims across all programs totaled 3.66 million that week. Since the end of the support of pandemic era programs, total claims have now fallen by 7.6 million. Essentially the entirety of that decline is thanks to the massive drops in PUA, PEUC, and Extended Benefits programs as support has come to an end. In fact, since the first week of September (the last week before the expiration of enhanced benefits) regular state claims are actually higher by 26.4K whereas PUA, PEUC, and Extended Benefits programs have together fallen 7.616 million. Outside of regular state programs, PUA claims still account for the largest share of total claims with 549.1K claims followed by PEUC (440.4K), and the Extended Benefits (222.6K). With regards to Extended Benefits, throughout the summer we noted the volatile swings in that program. The teeter-tottering has appeared to have stopped for the time being as the program has now seen back-to-back significant declines from the 9/10 high of 431.3K. In other words, any oddities in that program's data (potentially as a result of claimants switching from PUA or PEUC claims as their expiration ended) appear to be finally working themselves out.
STOCK MARKET VIDEO: Stock Market Analysis Video for Week Ending October 15th, 2021 (CLICK HERE FOR THE YOUTUBE VIDEO!) STOCK MARKET VIDEO: ShadowTrader Video Weekly 10.17.21 ([CLICK HERE FOR THE YOUTUBE VIDEO!]()) (VIDEO NOT YET POSTED.)
Here are the most notable companies (tickers) reporting earnings in this upcoming trading week ahead-
(CLICK HERE FOR NEXT WEEK'S MOST NOTABLE EARNINGS RELEASES FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2021!) Below are some of the notable companies coming out with earnings releases this upcoming trading week ahead which includes the date/time of release & consensus estimates courtesy of Earnings Whispers:
DISCUSS! What are you all watching for in this upcoming trading week?
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great trading week ahead StockMarketChat. :)
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2021.10.16 01:53 Thelastosirus Hellcat Extractor corrosion - Is this a common thing?

So my daily carry is a Springfield Hellcat. I've had no issues except I keep getting corrosion on the extractor & mag release. (I'm left handed so the R side has body contact.) In the pic, I already cleaned it up using my jeweler's file set. Yes it was that bad that the extractor was sticking, and after full cleaning it has pitting in the metal. I know I should have caught it sooner but rest assured I'll be more diligent now.
So I had trouble getting it out and Googled "extractor removal". Guess what is the first thing that pops up? Apex's "Failure resistant Extractor for Hellcat" made out of stainless steel selling for $59.99.
I'm curious what metal the factory part is, and I'm guessing it's not stainless.
Anyone have any experience with rust/corrosion on their Hellcat?
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2021.10.16 01:53 SonicReplayz I just watched this with my friend who has never seen a haloween movie and this is maybe my third or 4th

Im not an oldhead like most of y’all lol so I haven’t seen most of the movies maybe like 2018 the first one and some other one but im kinda sad laurie didn’t do shit in this one and how does one cope waiting an entire year for another movie.
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2021.10.16 01:53 Soft_Information8719 1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

Thoughts on grade? Thank you.
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2021.10.16 01:53 HoboKa_NGplus Super Castlevania IV [Stage 2-1] "Forest Redux" (version 2.5)

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2021.10.16 01:53 Lonk0279 Pokerus for Shield

I would like an infected pokemon for the spread to all via Suprise Trade. Thanks in advance! Link code is 02790279
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2021.10.16 01:53 Polo_player_61 Do you think G5 will have to deal with her? I don't know if they'll stay in stone forever.

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