[Akademisch] Einstellungen zu Politik/Corona (Alle)

2021.09.24 15:08 Longjumping_Onion515 [Akademisch] Einstellungen zu Politik/Corona (Alle)

Liebe Alle, ich suche noch nach Teilnehmenden für meine Befragung im Rahmen meiner Masterarbeit. Die Bearbeitungszeit beträgt zwischen 10 und 15 Minuten.
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2021.09.24 15:08 Telly986 Do most landlords care about a potential tenant has tight budget as long as they can afford rent?

I'm considering renting with with Dore property management. They have a 2 bedroom unit of $1450 per month with extra $40 for water, parking 35 a month. My net income is $2600 after taxes a month.which means more than 30% of my net income will go to rent. Is this a deal breaker for landlords?
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2021.09.24 15:08 abrachoo [WP] You are a veteran cop with a superpower. You always know when and where a crime is taking place. Unfortunately, you are almost always wrong about what that crime is.

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2021.09.24 15:08 ulthur_ funny hilarious haha horse

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2021.09.24 15:08 Rambo2307 [22M] dark(er)/bluer forearm/hand, feeling of infalmmation, pain/numbness in fingers (weakened index finger escpecially), pain/numbness/feeling of burn marks on neck/shoulder

I had these exact symptoms which started in my hand and slowly went up my forearm, then shoulder and neck. I had so much pain but all my wrist tests were normal but got Carpal tunnel surgery despite that. My symptoms went away 90% in arm/neck but came back 14 days later. I always suspected it was something else; what could this be?
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2021.09.24 15:08 yobronate08 Hey, guys

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2021.09.24 15:08 ErcELSK which juice wrld song has the most cinematic potential?

saw this question in x's subreddit
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2021.09.24 15:08 HighCoatFence A thank you, a new start and a story

Throw away account for various reasons.
Please feel free to weigh in with advice, ideas or guidance.
Firstly, massive thank you to this community for all the support it provides. Lovely to find somewhere on Reddit devoid of sarcasm and hate.
Secondly, I'm starting over today. Most I've ever gone was 30 days a year and a half ago when my wife found out I'd lied about not watching porn anymore. After that period I became curious as to whether or not porn still held any allure. It didn't. But a day later, the urges were back, then an hour later, and here I am back at square one. The fapping, the objectification and the lying is ruining me and my relationship with my wife. I've tried all sorts, counselling, books (Little Book of Big Chance, Recovery by Russel Brand), podcasts, the lot. There's good stuff out there but it's not had a lasting effect. I've considered hypnotherapy, electroshock therapy and suicide. Not brave enough to try any of them.
So I'm starting over. I'm starting up all the things that did me good; exercise, mindfulness and no fapping. My inclination is to think "I can't do this, I'm not capable or strong enough" but I've learnt from Bobby Maximus that most fights are won in your mind before they even begin. So fuck those thoughts, I can do this. I will do this.
Lastly, a story. It'll give some context for anyone wanting to offer me advice or guidance and it will hopefully encourage anyone who's been what I've been through that they're not alone...
I've fapped most of my life. Through my teenage years insecurities grew around not being attractive, smart, likeable, sexy. Porn steadily took ahold of my mind using these things. With porn I can obtain whatever feeling I want to feel (strong, sexy, manly, irresistible) by projecting onto whoever I'm looking at.
Alongside porn, perving also became a repetitive habit. The thrill of seeing something sexy, that little firework on my stomach and even better if I could catch someone's eye and draw a smile from them. It's at a point now where I can't see an email from an underwear company, a tiny profile pic on social media or a girl walking by without my head going down that rabbit hole.
It's caused tension in my sex life, it's built up insecurity in my wife and it is going to ruin everything if I don't walk away.
So here goes 👊🏽
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2021.09.24 15:08 Xistin Audio Goblin - Miscreant EP

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2021.09.24 15:08 JCPY00 How to check the weather forecast for the Uintas?

Is there a particular weather station/site I should use to check forecast temps/rain in the Uintas? Obviously I could check the nearby towns but that will only give me a vague idea of what things might be like once I actually get up into the mountains.
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2021.09.24 15:08 BaJeRa100 How To Make A 4K Gaming YouTube Shorts Video For Small Youtubers | After Effects Tutorial

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2021.09.24 15:08 MJ-RPG Different time, same Jumpman

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2021.09.24 15:08 ellacxela even tho its pretty hard for me, i love how my miniature cafe is turning out!

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2021.09.24 15:08 snkde Amazon Warehouse Deals: Select Used & Open Box Items (various categories): Extra 40% Off (Limited/Availability Stock)

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2021.09.24 15:08 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+6944) my grandparents hijacked this post

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2021.09.24 15:08 qwerty_asd Daily Banano Meme #50

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2021.09.24 15:08 Essayshand Male Dominated Society Essay

Have you at any level felt caught in your really own location? Did you at any time determine the inclination would depart? Properly the narrator in the story The Yellow Wallpaper never figured her anguish would finish. She felt caught in her very very own place and the inclination under no circumstances appeared to prevent, it retained having to her head. I want to heart all-around the narrators sentiment of experience trapped and what that definitely symbolizes in The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
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2021.09.24 15:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 15:08 whoisliuxiaobo Why Trump's anti-spy 'China Initiative' is unraveling

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2021.09.24 15:08 Samoht99 'Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League' will get a new look at Fandome

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2021.09.24 15:08 harshithmusic I saw a girl online a few months ago. She was so pretty

I apologise if this sounds creepy but I’m a loner and have nothing to do. I saw a pretty girl my age on a teenagers subreddit (I’m 17). She’s so pretty and I dmed her saying “hey you’re so pretty, hope you’re having a nice day”. Obviously she didn’t reply to me as she was getting a ton of messages for that post. I’ve followed her and got to know her through her comments(I’m retar*ed). I saw her in another comment section so I decided to the her the same. I’m sure she saw that but ignored to reply me. It made me hurt so I just blocked her after knowing that she got FWB
I have to be a god tier re*ard to do all of that. I could never meet her irl anyways. I hate my self. I still feel terrible
This might sound creepy because I’m a male
I hope you’re having a great day (:
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2021.09.24 15:08 vapecalibur I want to be a Process Engineer

Hey all,
I specifically didn't put this in the daily questions because I didn't feel it wasn't very simple. If you want me to move it there, no problem just let me know.
I'm in my mid-thirties. I have a background in factory work and some other random stuff. Never went to college until last May when I began working for a BS in Computer Science online. In the last 4 years my career has skyrocketed. I work in a plant where someone recognized my talent. I've been promoted 5 times to 5 different roles, ultimately becoming a Project Manager. However, my job title is misleading, as I'm not a traditional PM. I'm often working on lean implementations, QA issues, process improvements, product development, ECOs and plant progression. I'm self-taught in AutoCAD and Fusion 360. Essentially, from the research I've done, I'm doing process engineering work. I even get assigned engineering duties on technical reviews when projects come down from corporate. I absolutely love the work. I've decided it's how I want to spend my late-blooming career.
I'm 1.5 years into an online BS in Computer Science, but I want to change my major to engineering. I'm in the Boston area where biotech's are huge and there's tons of process engineering positions all around. So, there's a choice I need to make about if I want to stay in manufacturing or take the leap to biotech.
My best understanding is that if I want to go the biotech route I should go for a chemical engineering degree, whereas if I stay in manufacturing, I should go for industrial engineering. Am I correct in my thinking?
Also, I'm really wanting to do the degree online, but I don't even see any Industrial engineering degrees online. There is, however degrees for engineering management. What exactly does that entail and will it be a degree that can take me into either of the fields I've mentioned as a process engineer?

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2021.09.24 15:08 nrose101 Dear Evan Hansen | Theatrical Review

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2021.09.24 15:08 ExtraSure My Dad's sister was in our house, spinning round in circles.

I thought 'oh my giddy aunt'
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2021.09.24 15:08 Kaiden-ipp I wiped my eyes as we searched for my best friend who went missing a few weeks ago.

And prayed they didn't check the warehouse down the road.
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