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2021.09.24 15:02 smartybrome Server Infrastructure

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2021.09.24 15:02 TheNelsonJames It's Adam Cole BAYBAY! on Talk Is Jericho

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2021.09.24 15:02 SaintNikk Space monkey didn't stood a chance

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2021.09.24 15:02 SurburbanCowboy Biden could owe as much as $500K in back taxes, government report indicates

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2021.09.24 15:02 Gin_Grey Cl new pyrex whippa loopkit

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2021.09.24 15:02 PsychAdvisor Interesting Facts about Alcohol
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2021.09.24 15:02 Feisty_Tumbleweed_89 aap BGMI Nahi khelte isliye aapke views nahi aate...

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2021.09.24 15:02 Blade_Dance0 It's just for research.

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2021.09.24 15:02 Pennynow [PC][Namalsk] Penny's Arcade: Server #2 - Modded

Penny's Arcade
Server Name: [FRESH WIPE] Penny's Arcade #2 50k Start|4xLoot| Namalsk|Traders|ATM|Drugs|Heli|Raiding|KoTH|1pp
Host: LogicServers USEast (New York)
Details: First Person only, Persistent Time, Default Weather values, Start with 50k Rubles, Restarts every 4 hours.
Penny's Arcade is a new family of DayZ servers, focused on growing a community. I have taken great care in setting up every mod run on the server, and spend a great deal of time cultivating the community. Explore the harsh winters of Namalsk in a heavily modded, high loot server, reminiscent of Arma3-Exile. You'll never know what lurks in the fog, and all fresh spawns are armed and dangerous. When all seems lost, visit the multiple custom made safe-zone traders and rest your weary legs by the fire, and for a few Rubles enjoy the finest preserved Strawberry Jam.
Mod List: AdditionalMedicSupplies, Notebook, Notes, CarCover, PennysArcadeLoadingScreen, Collectable Items, VPPAdminTools, SkyFall, SchanaModGlobalChat, MuchCarKey, Gold Nuggets, BuilderItems BasicSpawnSelect, SimpleAutorun, Unlimited Stamina, Breachingcharge, DayZ Editor Loader, Namalsk Survival, Dabs Framework, Mortys Weapons, BuildEverywhere, Namalsk Island, Mass'sManyItemOverhaul Unknown Ghillie Mod, GoreZ, MuchStuffPack, InventoryPlusPlus, Inventory Move Sounds, BulletStacksPlusPlus, Better-Snap-Sounds, Server_Information_Panel, DrugsPLUS, CannabisPlus, Ear-Plugs, SchanaParty Modular Vest System, Invisible Clothing Mod, AdminClothingPack, WindstridesClothingPack, Airdrop-Upgraded, King of the Hill, PennysBasicTerritories, Namalsk_Overhaul, Basic Map, Hacking Mod, Breachingcharge Codelock Compatibility BaseBuildingPlus, Code Lock, GRW ER7 Gauss Rifle, Banking, TraderFixesAndFeatures, Trader, DayZ-Expansion-Vehicles, DayZ-Expansion-Core, DayZ-Expansion-Licensed, Community-Online-Tools, CF
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2021.09.24 15:02 Capital_Assignment14 Travel

Hey guys! If I have my work permit and Advance Parole too, I know I can travel. My Green Card application has been ready to be scheduled for 2 months now. If I get the interview before I travel home to spend Christmas with my family, and get approved while being away, can I still use my work permit and Advance Parole to be back in the US? Does the Advance parole get automatically canceled or is it only the work permit that gets canceled? Thanks!
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2021.09.24 15:02 Icy-Enthusiasm-2719 Does this sound like bipolar, borderline personality or both?

So the father of my youngest child has been for sometime showing concerning symptoms which has stemmed into abuse. These symptoms are as follows
High/low mood which can change over a matter of hours or days
Intense fear of abandonment he doesn't like it if he's not the sole focus of attention and if you don't answer the phone he will repeatedly call again and again
Explosive anger it's like he leaves the room and another person takes his place. He will shout, storm about, not listen to reason and sometimes escalate into physical violence
Deferring blame he likes to say that it's because you do X, y and z that I did what I did or he will say that you are the one with the anger issue and not him
Delusions and paranoia he becomes convinced people are against him or that I cheated on him to the point he would check my phone or ask who texted and say "are you saying bad things about me" or "are you having an affair with X person". He will wake up from dreams convinced that I have cheated on him with a black man and if you tell him it's just a dream he says he wants reassurance. Oh and also has a delusion that there are nanochips in the covid vaccines too.
Substance abuse. Instead of seeking medication for these symptoms he will abuse cannabis which makes the paranoia worse, then take things cocaine or lsd saying it "sets him right" he was put in rehab 2x for substance abuse in his home country.
Denial. Despite being told outright by his family he does indeed have bipolar he will not tell the psychologist here that he had this diagnosis in his home country nor will he say that he had treatment in the past or highlight the symptoms. Infact he turned it on me saying Im psychotic and an alcoholic (which neither are the case I have ptsd from all this but by no means insane).
I told him I would not have him back in the family home until he receives help which he claims he did but the transcript mentions nothing of the bipolar or the abuse towards me or the other symptoms.
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2021.09.24 15:02 chairbornebg Никола Димитров: България нарушава чл.2 на Договора за добросъседство

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2021.09.24 15:02 FriskyBeavers This is why Caustic is THE BEST LEGEND - Apex Legends

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2021.09.24 15:02 TsunadeRiven notify me

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2021.09.24 15:02 Separate-Army9892 Esha Gupta

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2021.09.24 15:02 ComfortableJump3668 BLOCKED - got it.

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2021.09.24 15:02 John_Titor101 External HDD

Hello, I was planning on buying a 2 TB external hdd. Can anybody gave me advice on what features i should focus and what things i should ignore.
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2021.09.24 15:02 clakrox [Paid] UI/UX Designer looking for Projects

UI/UX Game Artist looking for Projects
Hello ! I am here on to help you in your project and design a UI and UX for your mobile game (Android and iOS) and also for console Switch, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch and PC.
I can provide UX or User Experience wirefrmes, UI or User Interface prototyping, complete UI , assets for your 2d game, game idea, game branding, game design consultancy. Also I can provide game title or game logo, mobile game icon or mobile app icon, mobile game cover or pc game cover and pc game cover art.
I have a complete control on Affinity Design Mostly I am using these tool.
Adobe Photoshop/Affinity Photo/GIMP
Adobe IllustratoAffinity Designe Inkscape
Adobe XD
Dragon Bones Pro
Construct 2&3 /Unity 3d
If you're looking following for Your game
Vector Graphics
Title Design
Layout Design
User Interface
2d Game Asset
Game Background
Game Screenshot
Game App Icon
Splash Screen
Game Cover
Seems Cool!
Let’s discuss and make it happen :)
My Portfolio :
For quicker Response :
DISCORD : clakrox#5714 Email :
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2021.09.24 15:02 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 15:02 JimmyRidz Told you I wasn't fucking about, lads. Not even the mighty G Man got close to the points I'm rockin'. Eat my dust...😎

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2021.09.24 15:02 chairbornebg Евреите в РСМ: В учебниците да се добави „тогавашните български фашистки окупаторски власти“

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2021.09.24 15:02 NextLevel_Review Best Pasta Maker You Can Buy In 2021

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2021.09.24 15:02 Original-Reality791 🚀 CoviCoin - 100X potential even more | Launching Now | Huge Potential | HIDDEN GEM 💎

Exciting new crypto and high utility project COVICOIN centered around helping the medical industry!! 🚀
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🔹 Contract: 0x5586f6b8704658d93b8d1113f4466c4c19325990
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🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.24 15:02 audstro SELF MADE PRINT, CUT&SEW 100% COTTON SHIRT

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2021.09.24 15:02 chairbornebg МИА: Урсула фон дер Лайен отива в Скопие да говори за спора със София

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