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Discord streaming adventures

2021.09.24 13:38 Sunbird_Draza Discord streaming adventures

Hi folks!
Playing League about a month ago, I met a really awesome support player who turned out to be a girl. One thing led to another, we kinda started liking hanging out together, and more, and soon I'll be going over half Europe to meet with her. I'm still stoked about it, the sad bit is we only get to text and discord when playing league until we meet.
And then Tarkov steps in, so, here we go: I'm slow on prioritizing the quests, at least I was in the early wipe. She doesn't play Tarkov, and was excited about it when I described it to her. And since we "met" I've barely played more than a raid or two per day so I could use any of her free time to communicate.
So I asked her, "I can stream Tarkov in discord, if you wanna see how it is?" and she was pretty much fk yea, let me see! I've been having strings of mixed success and even shit luck in quite a few, so I took a deep breath as she was commenting how scary and realistic the atmosphere was in the game. I'm running around Shoreline, kinda geared, and while I am telling her about issues of being overweight trying to run/move, I see a tall sillhouette as I come out of bush I was recovering stamina in, stationary, and I spray as she eeeks into my ear lol. Luckily I had the lvl4 armor and I zigzaged enough so his one hit gave me the bleed and thorax left at 10-15pts. I managed to get to extract at last minute and was so pumped of being the man :D Made a streak of 3 really good raids, and called her my lucky charm :).
Fast forward to yesterday, I was alone, did 3 really nasty raids that let me finish a few quests and rocked my wallet back above a million roubles. I know I should call it a day, you can never have too many good raids in a row. So here comes my lucky charm, and I stream for her. R1: Run to Woods for Chumming (gold necklaces stashing) and proceed to leave the camp then I remember I need to get the gyroscope too. Back to the car, pick it up, loot also bursting, sneak out towards sniper rock, and hear steps she hears steps, the steps hear my steps, she eeks, I wanna eeek, the steps guy fires very fucking loud gun, I start spraying my rigged aks. he kinda dodges back behind rock my grenade flies about million miles away despite me throwing it low. I decide to peek, bang, headshot. FML. I shoulda ran out instead of peeking or tried flanking but I was afraid he'd have someone else on other side. the guy actually contacts me after on reddit and says he was lucky with the headshot and asked if I want my gear, he only took the gun and ma he was doing punisher svd. R2: I go to Shoreline with shotgun and lvl5 armohelmet, and get sprayed by some 9x19 PBP spray gun while running into resort so fast screen went black before I panicked and she eeked faster than that :D R3: Shoreline, jump to that fisher cottage on island via barge, gun down one scav with my pimped AK-74n (damn that gun felt smooth). Loot him, and the second scav spawns right behind me as I do it, I manage to turn and headshot him before he does damage. just as i kneel to check the body "aaaahhhh" and I am dead. No sound, no hit sound, nothing. Headshot by 7.62x54R or whatever. That was barely 5-6 mins into raid. I just told my lucky charm if she is not jinxing me on purpose lol. I did a scav run immediatelyz unfortunately not the same raid, but it got me nearly half million so it was ok.
She said she could fall asleep to sounds of rain in Tarkov. And I laughed on the inside, thinking "you don't fall asleep to anything in raid on Tarkov when your heart is in your throat the whole time lol". R4: Customs! Spawn at the boat exfil, (PMC) with P90 in and some nice gear. Run across towards RUAF, but I see a scav going to bridge, spray him and I think I might have got him. Lay down next to wall near the UN humvee, to reload and check my gear, I hear random steps over wall back forth back forth, and I think ok should be scav spawned. Then I hear magazine check and steps going quiet and a moment later a fat chad peeks through the open door, I spray, girlfriend eeks ohshits and omfgs, but the fucker ducks away as I see a buncha blood on the wall where I hit him. Grenade him and then run through the door and go at him he panicks we both spray. He blacks and bleeds my arm, i reload the mag and circle the container with steps he peeks we spray and he tries to run but I get him. At the same time his chad buddy shot at me from behind near the UN humvee, but luckily he missed. I get the first chad, stop the bleed, and go for the 2nd one. He bangs me with a shotgun and blacks 4 of my parts...I manage to spray him down, but the raid is pretty fucked by now - it's barely been 5-10 minutes in. I heal as much as I can, strip them for the loot and medical stuff and the gear (well over a million when I remember), plug all the holes that they made in me, but no CMS ;(
Then I notice hydenergy at 0 wtf not even 10 minz. Panick for food and drinks, they had none.. Ok, I'll heal through it, the GF is almost wailing at this hahah. Gun down a scav that spawned at RUAF just then, no food. Hear another one while I am at the tank, heal a bit, try to see him but he is spraying me and I cant even see him. Duck behind tank heal again, peek out and he hits my blacked arm. The raid was gonna be a race between my Salevas, IFAKs and AFAKs and me finding food/drinks in loot spots like the crackhouse and fortress and then old gas and near the factory corner area. Slain two chads like that and just went down to a scav that goes rambo and 360-noscope despite being invisible to me.
My lucky charm got to see so many sides of Tarkov in just few raids and we kinda agreed we're gonna tone down on calling her my lucky charm in Tarkov lol.
Fk it turned out such a long post, but yeah, who has time and likes this kinda stuff will enjoy it I guess. I did a final pmc run on woods to do that gyroscope and I survived despite having constant gunfights all around me. I never survive going into camp, even when I manage to leave it I die somewhere else. just a rule. lol
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2021.09.24 13:38 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/ptyh31/thats_basic_java_for_you/he2vaso/

//This code repeats 10 times and prints a line in the console just in case //Define variable that keeps loop running int i=0; //Start loop here While(i>10){ //Increment i by 1 to keep the loop going i++ //Print the statement System.out.print.ln("Test") //End of loop } You should get a decent amount of lines trough this lol 
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2021.09.24 13:38 natanel55 Why brawl stars why 😭😭

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2021.09.24 13:38 natka5 BNB Fintech would like to engage with companies like Simplex so that all payment processors such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and many others are able to convert your BNB Cash into any currency the merchant desires! Company would work towards having Simplex to partner with BNB Cash Fintech.

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2021.09.24 13:38 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 13:38 SSSB_Games The Gardens Between: 100% Full GamePlay No Commentary [PC - 1080p - 60fps]

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2021.09.24 13:38 BipolarIce Anyone has deathwish sword (for wizard) to spare? Cube doesnt give me it, long long time trying to get it. (Ps4, Diablo III).

Nothing gives me this sword long time (high grits / rifts / bs / cube also). My nick is "Sarunkyte".
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2021.09.24 13:38 Or_Love Tweet by OrLove#0718

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2021.09.24 13:38 RaZdoT Dragonized or gnome for performance

Which DE have you experienced so far that has less freezes?
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2021.09.24 13:38 pheasant_plucking_da This guy attached a super bright light to his drone and created this effect with his camera!

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2021.09.24 13:38 everybodyagreeswhy Whenever I ask online if straight men like penises & women who have penises, the answers are always mixed. There is no clear majority opinion. But whenever I ask online if straight women & gay men like vaginas & men who have vaginas...the answers are always consistently a clear "no" why is that?

Why are those attracted to men exclusively attracted to penises sexually while straight men are not exclusively into vaginas sexually?
A liberal man on my Facebook told me most men would be open to sex with a trans woman pre op or post op but not admit it due to stigma, but that straight women and gay men find penises very important sexually so are much less likely to have sex with trans men.
Another guy who is Morrocan told me "believe me 70% of guys would have sex with an attractive woman penis or no penis." But that "straight women and gay men eventually need penis during sex for penetration." I said it made me sad that penises are valued more than vaginas and he said "look it's just how it is, I can assure you. Yes it's unfair but it's how it is."
These are two men who I have talked to for years, respected and who usually say very intelligent things/posts and are popular with men and women alike. And they said these things very casually with certainty when I asked them.
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2021.09.24 13:38 Ex-Tenebris Got a 500 point escalation league coming up and decided it was a good excuse to start a Deathwatch force.

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2021.09.24 13:38 kojohn11 What gpa and lsat score do you need for a full ride?

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2021.09.24 13:38 EricsCantina Inés Sainz

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2021.09.24 13:38 Skuarsky The (Final) 2b2t iceberg

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2021.09.24 13:38 _rivet [Serious] People who accidentally killed a pet/animal, what happened?

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2021.09.24 13:38 Notsecretlyobama [Rapoport] Who wore it better? (The Panthers brand is spreading!)

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2021.09.24 13:38 EagleEyeValor For those that want the full Hanz vs JoeLewis discussion

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2021.09.24 13:38 JayNevo79 UB40 LIVE

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2021.09.24 13:38 ToFusion_Boy LOW FODMAP VEGAN PROTEIN SOURCE?

Hi guys! I've recently been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I'm trying to handle a low fodmap diet.
The FODMAP diet tries to dodge foods rich in fermentable carbohydrates. That means lactose, inulin, fructose and disacharids are a NO GO for me.
I think that this probably means I won't be able to sustain the vegan diet any longer since lots of veggies and fruits that were a constant part of my diet are now a "red alert".
It seems that legumes are rich in inulin and disacharids.
I've already tested inulin and large portions of it make me bloat and emit hydrogen in my large intestine. They also constipate me.
Firm tofu is low fodmap, but not 0 FODMAP. It means it has some inulin. Not much, but sufficient to cause me problems if I eat it on a regular basis.
I'm a little bit at a loss right now...
Also, my fructose test went up the charts, it seems I can't handle things like 2 apples at a time. I'm a little bit down, I'm not gonna lie :(
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2021.09.24 13:38 lionelpx Ravnos and Chemistry now available on DTC Print on Demand as Legacy Singles!

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2021.09.24 13:38 bedefig Warum hat sich noch niemand über das Wort "Paketshop" beschwert?

Der Ort wo du hingehst um dir das abzuholen, das du extra gekauft hast, damit es dir nach Hause gebracht wird. Ekelhaftes Konzept
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2021.09.24 13:38 Still_Astronaut8091 Jamie’s Shady Business EXPOSED?! A Lawyer Reacts

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2021.09.24 13:38 No_Papaya_2853 Not even pain was able to destroy one of these faces and yet

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2021.09.24 13:38 impulse_JG Does any one have any experience with IRON CURTAIN CUSTOMS for Romanian kit builds recently ordered one and looking to get it assembled.

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