2021.09.24 15:11 Anushkanapte24 HARRIS REED (HARRY'S STYLIST)

I have watching videos of this guy since the MET and it turns out he's also Harry's stylist (including his tour outfits)....so during the above video he describes as to how much input harry has in his outfits and says that he ( h) likes to sit down himself and plan everything out.....
So this just goes on to prove even more that the louis blue color was never a coincidence...and that the fetus louis outfit wasn't either
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2021.09.24 15:11 khakileaderpog Harold, the hairdresser

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2021.09.24 15:11 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.09.24 15:11 Large_Flatworm_884 The shills are out in force Computershare is getting bashed on Trustpilot. Let us light it up.

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2021.09.24 15:11 BulkyStay Hey Little Buddy!

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2021.09.24 15:11 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 15:11 t_mmey Anyone else who cannot enter challenge IV ?

I just won the UK event after finishing relay race III before, so it's literally impossible that I'm missing a gold coing, but the game is still telling me that I don't have the necessary items to enter.
I restarded the game twice, which didn't help.
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2021.09.24 15:11 Luan2501t Minha melhor amiga me tratou como lixo e veio me pedir desculpas

Bom a algumas semanas tava em uma lanchonete com a minha melhor amiga e alguns amigos dela, até aí tudo bem estávamos comendo e conversando só que do nada ela começou a me zoar de uma forma que não tinha graça e com coisas até meio pesadas pra fazer graça prós amigos dela, fiquei se reação apenas fiquei sério olhando pro canto até um dos amigos dela percebeu e falou: "deixa o mlk quieto". Foi uma situação bem incômoda pra mim até que perdi a paciência e fui embora, quando eu cheguei em casa ela me mandou várias mensagens perguntando pq eu fui embora, falei pra ela o q eu tinha sentido e ela simplesmente falou que eu deveria parar de chorar e aceitar a "zoeira"(ela tava fazendo piadas com o dia que eu tentei me matar). Falei pra ela que eu iria simplesmente parar de falar com ela porque eu não queria passar por aquilo dnv, ent ela simplesmente falou: "tá bom" continuei minha vida de boa com ela sempre tentando puxar assunto na faculdade como se eu fosse esquecer daquilo só que eu nunca dava bola. Até que ontem ela apareceu na minha porta chorando e pedindo por desculpas falando que eu fazia muita falta pra ela (ela fez um discurso) e também dizendo que essa tempo que nós não conversamos ajudou ela a perceber que ela gosta muito mais do que achava que gostava de mim, ela até tentou roubar um beijo meu só que eu segurei ela, disse pra ela que eu precisava pensar um pouco, nem fui pra faculdade hoje pra poder pensar melhor. Clã eu não sei o que fazer ao mesmo tempo que eu gosto muito dela eu também tô decepcionado e com raiva dela, não sei o que fazer só não quero ser magoado dnv vcs acham que compensa eu perdoar ela? E também construir uma relação amorosa com ela?
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2021.09.24 15:11 lhunt8 Xbox Current Gen Regs Comp League, Seahawks Colts & Bengals Open, Season 1 Week 8, 24 hour sims, Active Discord, HMU if interested 🔥

we advance once a day around 9pm est
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2021.09.24 15:11 BibleAsk Presence of the Holy Spirit💗 🕊️#verseoftheday⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ _________________________________⠀⠀ #dailybibleverse #bibleverse #holyspirit #bibleask #godisgood #faith #faithquotes #peace #teachingsof #dailybiblede #Jesus #Christ #dailyverse

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2021.09.24 15:11 Joyffree Prospect (Kings of Chaos M.C.) by Shyla Colt ➱ Release Tour with Giveaway

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2021.09.24 15:11 jestvrr people who claim to be the most accepting are some of the most fake and vile people i've seen

they claim to ''fight against transphobia'' but then weaponize transphobia when they disagree with a trans person which shows how they actually dont give a shit about people they ''advocate for''. almost everyone nowadays is fucking fake and close minded
the moment someone has different views than them they try to shut that person up or just say gross and brutal shit. they throw slurs and phrases like ''kill yourself'' or ''you're a terrible person'' like a fucking football, some of them even go further and doxx or sexually harrass people because ''HAJSHDJSA KALVIN GARRAH X NEOPRNS USER SMUT !!'' and other shit like that is peak comedy. and no im not pulling anything out of my ass i actually saw a few fanfictions like that. i saw all of that happen
most of the time they don't even know wtf they're talking about, all of their views come from tiktok or twitter. they have no idea what they're doing but they do it anyways. at this point i think they do all that fucked up shit for their own pleasure and not because they geniuenly think it's progressive
at first i was salty about popular creators pretending to be ''tucutes'' when they're not but i'm not anymore, it's literally unsafe to do anything but that. im sorry if it was too emotional
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2021.09.24 15:11 Tears_Of_A_Clown_88 P a i n

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2021.09.24 15:11 lolaloxo Fissenbollemand

Hun ligner virkelig en, som trænger til noget hjælp. Hun ser helt grå og omtåget ud. Jeg ved det er hårdt og blive mor, man ser træt ud og har måske ikke det største overskud men hun ser direkte syg ud og opgivende.
Håber hun får den hjælp hun har brug for
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2021.09.24 15:11 duffking Completely stuck at 4-4

Any tips for this? I just... get nowhere. I P ranked the first encounter with V2 after a few goes but I can't even get him to half health.
Healing feels near impossible as getting in close feels like a death trap and really hard to actually land a good shotgun hit. Staying at range I just get peppered down eventually or just demolished when he enrages. I've not got to the halfway point once.
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2021.09.24 15:11 orphan069 YOUTOZ AND SHPPING/TAX

So i live in denmark and i wanna buy some of the new lmanburg youtoz coming out soon but idk about the taxe fees or yk when you order from countrys thats not a part of the EU group. Am i gonna get extra really expensive fees or am i good?
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2021.09.24 15:11 moodyxmoonchild Feeding schedule

My cat is very overweight. She was adopted and was overweight when we got her. When she first came home we was giving her one can of wet food and keeping her dry food full. Quickly learned that was a mistake. So now she gets a 3 oz wet food in the AM. Then throughout the day we give her a little dry food here and there. I’m wondering if you guys had any ideas on a feeding schedule I should do? Sometimes I feel like by doing little scoops throughout the day she’s getting just as much as she did when we were keeping her bowl full. So if we feed her one can in the morning, how much dry food do you think I should give her and when? She will literally sit by her bowl and stress herself out all day if I get up to do anything she thinks it’s to feed her and meows like crazy nonstop. It’s starting to become a little too much. So any ideas are appreciated.
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2021.09.24 15:11 kallygally Stinkhorn fungus (QLD, Australia)

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2021.09.24 15:11 -Living-Dead-Girl- im going to be old and have no happy memories

im going to rot in my flat all alone. ive already past through my childhood and my teens without ever having done anything fun or ever being happy. i have literally zero friends, zero plans, nothing.
im gonna be an old lady who never did anything. the only social memories I'll have will be the pain and rejection, and i will miss it because its better than rotting alone.
i can feel my life ticking away, wasted.
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2021.09.24 15:11 JH242JF Xbox Controller Update - how to control 2 devices setup?

Supposedly, the new controller update allows the usage of the controller on 2 devices, selected by "double tapping". I have the update but can find little to no information on how to set this up. For example, Id like to use my controller on my Xbox and on my PC. How do I add 2 devices? How do I switch devices?
Any info?
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2021.09.24 15:11 penseesauvage My basic asf taste :) Roast me or give me any recs !

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2021.09.24 15:11 Glitchednature Eye.

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2021.09.24 15:11 Latvia Little veer from the usual here- my best friend is turning 10,000 days old next month and I want to collect 10,000 of something to give her.

I meant to plan this years ago but put it off (I’m amazing at that). She’s actually my ex, we decided we are better as friends and it’s genuinely been the best relationship I’ve ever had in my life. She’s goofy, but also super emotionally mature, loves music, her dog, good food and supporting good causes, and really anything sincere.
Any ideas for something I could collect 10,000 of in a couple of weeks?
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2021.09.24 15:11 Preference-Prudent Food recommendations?

My girl is a 2 year old pit mix. She has been very itchy for awhile now and has recently started acting disinterested in her food. I have her on the Blue chicken one, as I thought she liked it. I know plenty of pitties have poultry allergies so I’m thinking I’ll switch away from the chicken. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.24 15:11 inernationaleditor3 I finally got misaka sister

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