Make money on Instagram with Affiliate Marketing

2021.10.21 10:42 ZestyBells Make money on Instagram with Affiliate Marketing

A complete guide for content creators
Recommending products and getting paid for sharing what you love is not only rewarding but gratifying. This is Affiliate Marketing. And is very prevalent on social media. For every post, you dedicate to these affiliate products you are paid a commission. Or for every referral that buys through your affiliate link. We see this commonly with big-name celebrity influencers such as Kim Kardashian showcasing a product, or mega influencers such as HuddaKattan.
Whilst they have followers in the millions and are generally paid a hefty price for sharing what they have. However, if you’re starting out, a rising influencer, mid or micro-influencer, or simply a content creator – even with as little as 1,000 followers (with decent engagement), you can join Affiliate Networks giving you access to brands you wish to promote. This is also a great way to broaden your brand presence and drive sales.
The benefits of Instagram Affiliate Marketing
How Affiliate Marketing works on Instagram
But first, are you eligible?
A step by step on how to launch your first Affiliate Marketing campaign on Instagram

It’s an effective way for brands to make sales, as according to TurnTo Networks, 90% of consumers say user-generated content influencers their buying. And that’s because they are seen as more personal and more authentic compared to brands. Also, two-thirds of these consumers say it’s a good way of evaluating if the product works before they make a purchase.
More than 500 million users check the app every single day, offering a unique platform that hosts different features and media types, which paves the way for more opportunities in Affiliate Marketing.
How Affiliate Marketing works on Instagram
Affiliate marketing is all about linking and linking strategically. And ensure you are offering value to your engaged, niche community. Now, those affiliate links should link to products that are likely to appeal to your audience and fit your brand or personality too. This increases the likelihood of purchases but also continues to deepen your relationship with your followers as you better understand their needs.
Now there are some places where you can and cannot add your affiliate links. And to clear the confusion, it is not shopping tags on Instagram as Affiliates (you) or influencers (you) will not earn any commissions from that.
Before we get started on how you can get started with creating your first affiliate campaign. It’s important to note if you are eligible?
But first, are you eligible?
Instagram has detailed a partner monetization policy. It encourages the monetization of only organic content and does not artificially boost views for engagement. They also cannot falsify their following and engagement, as transparency is crucial when partnering with potential brands. Another obvious one is to not post content which evokes hate speech, calls for violence, or sexualised content.
Another area to check is that are you eligible for the Affiliate Programs you sign up for. For example, Shopify Affiliate Program requires the Affiliate to have a strong presence online with a positive track record of making sales.
A step by step on how to launch your first Affiliate Marketing campaign on Instagram
Sign up with Affiliate networks or products
There are many Affiliate Networks you can join; namely AWIN, Rakuten Marketing, Amazon Associates, ShareASale are some well-known names giving you access to thousands of Affiliate Marketing programs.
These are marketplaces that contain a wide variety of businesses, products, and services for influencers and content creators to promote. Here are a few you can try:
AWIN: A leading performance marketing network, allowing you to connect with high ticket items or partnerships that are high paying. They provide over 10k campaigns for you to choose from.
ClickBank: As we always say, pick a niche or brand which reflects yours. They will have many products you can promote on Instagram.
Or, sign up with Instagram Affiliate Programme
The other option is to sign up with the Instagram Affiliate Programme. Instagram has recently announced new affiliate marketing programs, to ease how creates earn money from product promotions.
Its new native affiliate program or tool allows creators to find new affiliate products available to purchase within the app, and then share them with their followers whilst earning commissions. It is similar to the shopping features on Instagram. You can see an example in the below image:
However, brands that are cautious and care about how they are portrayed may not join this scheme, as they would want a creator who reflects their brand and go through some kind or approval process. At the moment, it is nowhere near the affiliate networks mentioned before.
Some tips from RevGlue
Ensure you choose high ticket items or those with a high commission rate. It is not always easy to make sales, and you want your campaign or promotions to be worth the effort. Also, make sure you find brands, products, or services you trust in and will add to your personal brand value. Will your followers be happy with the product? Ensure the brand not only aligns with your values but also has a good reputation.
How to promote Affiliate links on Instagram:
Firstly, ensure you have a good page
Does your page have a strong identity? Remember, it’s not about appealing to everyone and anyone, but to followers that are interested in a niche or sub-niche, whether that be in fashion, beauty, healthcare, design, and so on. It’s always important to feed them with content that is of value to them on a consistent and regular basis.
The most important (and time-consuming) part is to make quality content. Make sure the contents are all of the quality photos and videos that not only delight and entertain but inform. The post should also strike curiosity. When a target audience lands on your Instagram page, they should enjoy exploring it.
How to add Affiliate Tags to story
The swipe feature on Instagram stories is something we’re so familiar with. It’s a great and easy option to allow people who want to find out more information or make a purchase, they just need to simply swipe up a story that leads them onto a new page. However, this feature is only available in business accounts that are verified or have at least 10k followers. Make sure to include a CTA so viewers know where to access the link. The great thing about stories is that they have a lot of fun features that encourage followers to interact with you.
Highlight your favorite product in your Insta post and get paid
You can use a link shortener like and produce branded URLs that are easy to remember. Some keen followers may decide to capture the post on screenshot to then manually type on their browser. A tip is that if you can utilize a coupon code instead of a URL, then it makes it easier for followers to remember.
Use RevSocial
You can automate and mass post with RevSocial, our free tool which allows you to choose a product or brand in any niche and add them to your collection before mass posting a series of affiliate product images or posts for Instagram. With our unique dashboard, you can track conversions and commissions from the categories you set up.
Showcase your Affiliate Product in reels
We would suggest you have a strong Call to Action, that is memorable and encourage action. It could be in any format, such as text or audio. Remember the reel videos are in a 9:16 portrait format. Again, ensure the Affiliate link URL is short and easy to remember.
Add the link in the bio
One of the main challenges of Instagram is how difficult it is to find links and land on an external site. However, a link in the bio is a great technique to learn users know from the Insta post that in order to make a purchase they have to click the link in the bio. However, there is that when there are multiple affiliate products or past affiliate products can be missed. Ensure the link is shortened using tools like That way if someone can’t click through they can type the URL depending on how willing they are to make that effort.
Penned words
Beginning an Affiliate Marketing journey on Instagram can feel overwhelming at first however, with the above advice it can become easier. Remember, it’s always about sticking to a specific niche and finding brands that align with it. Always ensure the quality of your campaign is the best it can be and be tactful in promoting the affiliate links.
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We need to say it
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2021.10.21 10:42 vintageart31 Painted these pets on a travel mug and mug recently.. there peoples own pets and they are adorable, thought you'd like to see

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2021.10.21 10:42 Objective_Exercise21 I miss my old friends

I study in an international school in a foreign country where it is really hard making friends. It is not safe to make friends without knowing who their family is and where they come from. I used to have a lot of friends in my school but eventually everyone started returning to their own country but I stayed here and now am all alone I don't have friends. I have tried making friends but all of them just keep betraying me I don't have a trustworthy friend whom I can share secrets with I don't have anyone to hangout with I don't have anyone my age whom I can call a brother. School used to be fun but not anymore. I am bored
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2021.10.21 10:42 psychobitch_16 Is asexual lesbian a valid term?

Hey so for quite a while I’ve been questioning if i’m asexual and recently I think I’ve finally become comfortable accepting the fact that i think i’m on the asexual spectrum and I was wondering if it was okay for me to call myself an asexual lesbian? i’m romantically attracted to women and lesbian has always been a term I’ve been comfortable using for myself so is it valid if I identify as an ace lesbian as I don’t want to offend anybody; I’ve been trying to do as much research as possible
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2021.10.21 10:42 SirDidymus Dungeon Alchemist AMA with the devs | Friday, October 22, 20:00 CET

We are Wim De Hert and Karel Crombecq, developers of [Dungeon Alchemist](, an AI-powered map-making tool for fantasy games.
The Dungeon Alchemist beta has launched last weekend, and this Friday from 20:00-21:00 CET we will be answering any thoughts, considerations, questions and outright nonsense about our application.
On a side note: our Discord server now has 17K members discussing all things ttrpg-related, and we'd love to have join.
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2021.10.21 10:42 cokronk Upgrading from a Micro Server Gen8 - where to next?

So I have a G8 Micro Server that's starting to show it's age. Running 4k video from it, hosting Valheim, and not even being able to adequately run Cisco Modeling Labs from it, I'm feeling the need to upgrade. The problem is, I'm not quite sure where to go. Should I build my own? Will the performance on a Gen10 Plus be enough? If I build my own, should I use a server CPU or should I use a desktop CPU and build around that?
Right now my G8 has a Xeon E3-1220L V2, 16gb of RAM, and 16TB of storage with 4 storage drives and drive for the OS. My desktop has an i7-6700k with 32gb of RAM. Would it be worth upgrading to a new desktop and turning the old one into a server? How much of an improvement is the Xeon E-2224 over the Gen8 chip? Will it support 4k?
The obviously nice thing about the Micro Server is the size. I don't have a LAN closet or anything dedicated like that, so it sits in my wife's craft room where all the network ports are.
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2021.10.21 10:42 RandomGuy1038 Offline Conversions Mismatch

I started uploading offline conversions for a client last week.
I scheduled it to run every 24 hours. Looking at the history, it shows clearly that it adds new offline conversions and ignores the ones already uploaded (to be more accurate, it shows an error message for those already there).
However, looking at the performance, I see some campaigns with more offline conversions than leads.
How is that possible? For example, I have a campaign that recorded 10 leads in the last 5 days. Out of these 10, only 5 were quality leads. The offline conversion column is supposed to track only those 5. However, I can see it has 12. What's going on exactly here?
Can anyone please explain?
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2021.10.21 10:42 wing03 Gravel bike downshift lurch.

I had a new bike day yesterday that was partly spur of the moment. I had put another bike on order for delivery in 2022 but something else came in early and I got that instead.
It's a Norco Search XR S2 that I rode 30km home after picking it up and leaving my bike at the shop. This is my first drop bar bike since a Sears bike in the early 90s. It has GRX 400 series brifters and something I think I noticed is that when downshifting, there can be a lurch the same way a manual tranny in a car can lurch because of the braking effect during a downshift if you don't add enough gas.
On a bike, I normally expect to lose all pedal resistance if I downshift to a lower gear. I'm wondering if this has to do with the fact that there's a clutch in this derailleur or it's something in my mind getting used to a new bike.
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2021.10.21 10:42 fairypoops Veganism ignores the fundamentals of life and death

You cannot have life without death. I understand the belief of reducing it, but how can some vegans take the moral highground when literally being alive contributes to something else dying? Most animals rely on eating others. If it's not other animals, it's plants- which are also alive. I just don't think the black and white thinking vegans have is healthy when it comes to the cycle of life. A browse through natureisbrutal and you'll know that nature is absolutely unforgiving. Veganism just doesn't comply with the reality of this world. I've seen animals eating other pregnant animals fetuses alive. Does that make them evil? And before anyone critiques me, I don't believe factory farming is moral. But I also don't believe that eating animals is evil or immoral.
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2021.10.21 10:42 stantonandnewton Could someone please whiten my eyes as well as remove the fat on the right of my eye?

I received a .TIFF file from the photographer which is quite big (60MB). I hope that's not too hard to work with. I would really appreciate it being modified. Thanks in advance.

TIFF Portrait Image
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2021.10.21 10:42 Lothrictheknight I made 2$ from today's Lazio token and I'm so happy

I am literally happy with my 2$ I always miss launchpad but today I made it stonkes 📉
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2021.10.21 10:42 Okevi-Etefe7 Card holder wallets. #leathercraft #leathergoods #handstitched #wallets

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