Please Help...Which Joshua Tree Entrance?

2021.10.16 02:29 Spacequest89 Please Help...Which Joshua Tree Entrance?

We will be coming from Santa Maria, CA and are considering either the West or North entrance. It would also be nice to visit Wonder Valley.
Should we stay at the West area, enter through the West entrance, and make our way to the North entrance and then to Wonder Valley to catch the sunset? Would that be enough time for a whole day?
We will be driving from Santa Maria, staying the night, spending the next day at JT, staying the night, and then driving towards San Diego. This will be in November. Any advice appreciated.
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2021.10.16 02:29 Toronto-Budday Any tips for a Canadian headed from Vancouver to Cali?

With the land border finally opening up I'm planning on continuing my journey (began in Toronto) along the west coast.
Anyone recently done the trip with any suggestions for cool sites/situations/hikes?
Will I need winter tires at some point?
Should I switch cell phone providers?
Is asian hate something I should take more seriously?
Love you folks and appreciate any and all information!
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2021.10.16 02:29 LeiaTyler This will steal your heart out

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2021.10.16 02:29 BapsTushman Elizabeth Gillies in Dynasty [S1E11-2018]

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2021.10.16 02:29 PINKSTAINEDROSE Ctp-543

Follow my journey on Instagram. I haven't posted anything yet as I'm kind of nervous but I will document my journey. I'm not sure if I got the placebo or the actual medicine.. We will find out together!
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2021.10.16 02:29 StaggerLee4444 My little cousin climbed the dresser and broke the tv

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2021.10.16 02:29 Shakyji [WTS] A Pilot M90 and a Parker Flighter

  1. Pilot M90. Limited edition. M209. Medium Nib. A2 condition. With box and paper. 350 USD.
  2. Parker Flighter. B nib. C condition. Minor signs of use. Made in USA. USD 45.
The pens will be shipped from Jakarta, Indonesia via registered and insured airmail. Shipping will be 15 USD per pen. Payment via PayPal goods and services.
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2021.10.16 02:29 PotentPirate Custom Games

Anybody here do like big custom games nights or be interested in starting one? Feelin nostalgic from the Halo 3 days as a kid and feel splitgate could have some real interesting custom game uses.
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2021.10.16 02:29 Arturluiz sou extremamente parecido com a minha mae e isso me irrita, deixa bravo etc

é isso
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2021.10.16 02:29 FE_Coin 🌐UNIVE 2.0 Opening sales now.🌐10/15% automatic reward in BNB every hour. ✅Team Doxed. ✅Limited total supply. ✅Unique concept. ✅Low market cap. ✅Big opportunity.

🌐UNIVE 2.0 Opening sales now.🌐10/15% automatic reward in BNB every hour. ✅Team Doxed. ✅Limited total supply. ✅Unique concept. ✅Low market cap. ✅Big opportunity. submitted by FE_Coin to ShitcoinBets [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 02:29 naurtofamboy1_ When did you see a a-hole get owned?

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2021.10.16 02:29 Active_Ad7969 3663 5511 4937 Giratina raid on me starts in 5 minutes stay online please

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2021.10.16 02:29 NervAP SPOILER RUU STORY

Is Ruu dead? I mean we already know he's gone but after the last quest he said he's going to sleep. Does this mean he's gone forever? Bruh this is just plain sad. I barely cried of Signora but Ruu's story is just made me wept...
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2021.10.16 02:29 icyfrogwalk A question about Space Marine company colours.

I've just started painting my first Space Marine army, and I went with the Ultramarines. I have a couple squads of intercessors, assault intercessors, hellblasters, outriders, inceptors etc. I've painted one squad of intercessors so far and even though I love the look, I'm already sick of using gold on the shoulder pad trim and other parts. Could I paint different units in my Ultramarine army with different company colours? I feel as if it would be a cool way to differentiate between units that are the same especially. Thanks :)
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2021.10.16 02:29 Tintinman12 Warzone keeps crashing

I’m trying to play with my brothers and it keeps crashing. We all play on Xbox and it doesn’t happen to anyone else. It only happens on this Xbox and I can play on different Xbox’s on the same account. Any ideas what it could be or how to fix it?
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2021.10.16 02:29 Pumuckl4Life Cyberattacken: Laut Bericht 590 Mio. Lösegeld bezahlt

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2021.10.16 02:29 steffi8 Entropy?

Which device is known to have better entropy?
Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T?
Do they both rely on Entropy from the computer?
Ie. If you were using both with the same key which devices key would you start with?
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2021.10.16 02:29 economicsdesign Why Is Algorithmic Stablecoin Important?

We provide over 100+ FREE crypto articles on our SubStack! :D (Link on our profile)
We are creating dynamic systems and integrating the financial infrastructure into this new system. And this new system can integrate the current policies in place like fractional banking and reserve banking with capital efficiency. The innovation it brings now is dynamic monetary policy and reduced time lag in monetary response. We see an increasing number of papers being written on more robust monetary policies by central banks. They seem novel and to implement them to rewrite the current monetary system is difficult. But with algorithmic stablecoins we can experiment with these designs and study the empirical evidence of their efficiency. In this way we can build better monetary models for the future.

What Is Stablecoin? Stablecoins are crypto assets that try to reduce volatility by pegging the value to another asset. Thus, it is stable with respect to the asset. For example, the value of the stablecoin will often be anchored to another type of stable asset such as central bank money (USD, CHF, RMB, SGD) or a commodity (gold, silver, precious metals).
Why We Need Stablecoin

Stay tuned for our algo stablecoin research paper coming out! It is a collaboration between Economics Design, Lemniscap VC and Bocconi University.
TLDR: easy access to this new digital crypto space.
Stablecoins appear to solve the biggest problem in the current cryptocurrency market, volatility. For traders or investors, they can convert assets to stablecoins to avoid cryptocurrency volatility without necessarily converting to fiat.
For stores, it is difficult for a company to accept payment with a cryptocurrency when there is a fluctuation of 20-30% in value in a short period of time. This makes the broad adoption of cryptocurrencies much more difficult.
Therefore, stablecoin is important as a bridge between the electronic market and the traditional financial market. The transition from fiat to cryptocurrency has been a lot easier since the advent of stablecoins.
As Erik Voorhees, CEO of Shapeshift said:
“Stablecoins are important in the same way that a bridge is important. You may not care much about the bridge, but without it, the beautiful land beyond is much harder to get to”.
Types Of Stablecoin How are these stablecoins created? Via various mechanisms which can be broadly classified into fiat-collateralised, crypto-collateralised and algorithmic.
Fiat-Collateralised Stablecoin This is the most popular form of stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market at the moment. The value of these stablecoins is often pegged to the value of real money at a 1:1 ratio.
The main feature of this type of stablecoin is that the total supply of it on the market must be worth the equivalent of the amount of money stored by the issuer.
To ensure the truthfulness of that, the issuers will be inspected, managed and audited by a reputable financial institution such as a bank or financial audit company.
The risk of this type of stablecoin is the risk that the issuer of the stablecoin cannot prove that the reserve amount is of equal value to the value of the stablecoin circulating in the market.
Some typical fiat-backed stablecoins: Tether ($USDT), TrueUSD ($TUSD), USD Coin ($USDC), Paxos Standard ($PAX).
Crypto-Collateralised Stablecoin Like fiat-backed, crypto-backed stablecoins are stablecoins that are collateralised by a crypto asset.
However, the difference between these two types of stablecoin is where the collateral is stored.
With fiat-backed, collateral is stored off-chain by reputable third parties such as banks or auditing firms.
With crypto-backed, collateral is stored immediately on blockchain (on chain) which is locked in by means of a Smart Contract. This brings transparency as well as decentralisation.
The risk of the form of stablecoin collateralised by crypto is the fluctuation of the price of the crypto coin that is collateralised.
To minimise that risk, these stablecoins have to increase the value of the collateral to a very high level to ensure that price fluctuations do not affect the stability of the stablecoin.
In case the value of the collateralised crypto is lower than the issued stablecoin, the smart contract liquidates the collateralised assets to ensure the stability of the stablecoin.
Some typical stablecoins: MakerDAO ($DAI), Bitshares ($BitUSD), Celo, Reserves ($RSV).
Algorithmic Stablecoin This type of stablecoin is not collateralised by any kind of asset. Instead, to maintain stability, these stablecoins use an algorithm-based supply-demand elasticity mechanism.
The working nature of this stablecoin is similar to how central banks work with fiat money.
When the value of a stablecoin is too high due to increased demand, the issuer will bring to the market a quantity of stablecoins until the value of the stablecoin is stabilised.
And vice versa — when the value of the stablecoin drops too low, issuers will issue bonds bought with stablecoins to attract speculators to buy stablecoins. This increases the demand for stablecoin which brings its value back to a stable level.
The risk of this form of stablecoin is that when speculators no longer buy bonds, that stablecoin will collapse. A prime example of this collapse is the Basis Stablecoin.
Some typical stablecoins of this type: Carbon, Steeem Dollar, Bitpay Officical, Nubits.
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2021.10.16 02:29 SplodingArt [COD] Oh whoops wrong sub

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2021.10.16 02:29 therejectdevil Need Help With Macro Issue

I hope it's okay to ask this here. If not I will try a different subreddit. I got a Razer Mamba Elite mouse a few months ago and when I try using a macro on the mouse for push-to-talk in FiveM it cuts out. The voice text thing at the bottom flashes on and off when holding down the macro. It's supposed to stay lit up when using the macro. I switched to my old Logitech mouse and the macro works like it should. I got a brand new Razer Naga Trinity mouse today because I thought the Mamba Elite just went bad or had an issue. The Logitech mouse is also old/not the greatest but it still works. The macro on my new Razer mouse still glitches out. I think it has something to do with how Razer handles macros or maybe FiveM doesn't like using Razer macros. When using a push-to-talk macro for something like Discord, the macro works fine. It's only in FiveM as far as I know. I've tried everything and I'm clueless at this point. I love Razer but I really need a good mouse for macros in FiveM. Does anyone else use/tried using a Razer mouse for macros in FiveM and have the same/similar issue? I tried asking this in the FiveM subreddit but they removed my post for some reason. Thanks and have a good weekend!
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2021.10.16 02:28 lightningsage760 little more

hey heres another drawing just spent an hour so have a good time shoutout to the people who spend 20 hours on artwork
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2021.10.16 02:28 No-Cartoonist4484 🎃 PUMPKIN Token! - Fill your bag for your next Halloween token! - Launching Today - Liquidity Locked - SafeMoon - Dont miss that! - Join our Telegram! 🎃

Hello everybody, we are happy to announce that the new PUMPKIN Token! 🎃
Next big moonshot! Fill your bags! 🎃
How does it work? 🎃
Fair launch today!
The contract is verified.
After Launch proof of lock LP will be shared in the telegram group!
VC will be live before during and after launch
No dev wallet.
🎃 Great features:
📊 6% $BNB rewards to all the holders
📝 3% Marketing
🔐 3% To Liquidity Pool
📈 2% Buyback wallet
🐳 1% Max wallet at launch to avoid early whales then 3%
⛔️ 0.5% Max transaction
🎃 After launch:
🚀 We are planning on a heavy marketing campaign, multiple CMS posts on reddit, twitter giveaway and we will reach for multiple influencers available to promote us! Together we will reach the moon!
Also, a game will be developed as Halloween is approaching and the theme will be perfect!
Hold and earn $BNB while sleeping!
Don't forget to upvote and spread the word! Lets get this thing mooning! The community is super active and the team aswell.
Contract: 0x0401bb079f63f705ce9892ad965b4c1e997214f7
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.16 02:28 KBTA48 I did a thing mates. Y'all got me all angered up and such at I did a transfer to Fidelity......then guess what I'm doing with them. Happy birthday Ken....ya cuck.

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2021.10.16 02:28 No_Consideration_569 [GIVEAWAY] Spooky Items! Let me craft and customize for you!

We are halfway through the month which means we are only a couple of weeks away from the spookiest day of the year! If you want a certain Spooky item but you don’t have the DIY to be able to craft it, don’t have enough pumpkins to craft the Spooky items you want and/or don’t have the right color pumpkin to customize your Spooky item(s), then I want to help you!
If you want to participate, read the island rules and comment letting me know (1) which items you want me to craft and/or that you are bringing for me to customize and (2) how many of each. I will then DM you when you are next in the queue so please be ready to fly. If you want certain items that I craft for you customized, just let me know. Once it's your turn I’ll send you a Dodo code.
For now, I will craft and/or customize up to 6 items per person. Depending on the demand and my crafting supplies, I may be able to craft you additional items later. Please be patient because I will only let 1 on my island at a time. If you’re not sure what the Spooky items look like/customization options are, you can look here.
***since this will be the first Halloween on my island, please know that I cannot make the following Spooky items yet: Carriage, Garland, Table Setting, Wand***
Island Rules:
Feel free to shop and explore (Kicks is here selling white paw slippers, white mage’s booties and white and pink impish wings). Please don’t shake trees, pick flowers, swim, etc.
Please do not p@y me! This is a giveaway! The ONLY acceptable forms of gratitude that I'll accept are: leaving a note on the bulletin board that is appropriate for all ages and showing me your best dance moves through reactions :)
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2021.10.16 02:28 puddinnztheexiled Would a recommendation from a non native English speaker hurt me?

I'm applying to pharmacy school and the pharmacy I have been working at has two pharmacists who didn't grow up in the US. Their English is passable conversationally but I'm not sure how much admissions would care. They are both highly qualified in the field with decorated careers. They will be writing through PharmCAS so I don't think I could proofread and help them out. Any advice? They would definitely be my strongest letters. I know this isn't the pharm sub but that one is pretty dead so I decided to ask here as I don't think it would be too different.
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