32.3 weeks and baby weighs 6.1lbs

2021.10.16 01:17 PsychologicalForm728 32.3 weeks and baby weighs 6.1lbs

Had an ultrasound Monday at OB and was told baby was 5.1lbs—just went to maternal medicine (what should have been last of 3 visits) and was told she’s weighing 6.1lbs. Doctor wanted to know if my OB has talked to me about possible early induction or if my baby gets closer to 10lbs, a c-section. She just wanted to “plant the seed”. I just feel lost. I’ve gained so much weight during this pregnancy, I don’t recognize myself. I was hoping to be able to naturally go into labor. The last thing I want is to have a c-section. My head just feels all over the place and my body just feels like it’s failed me all around, besides growing and developing my baby girl. Feeling defeated at this point.
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2021.10.16 01:17 Iron_Skeleton Zion-3 and Kixxis (Kix for short) enjoying an old tradition

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2021.10.16 01:17 Expert_CBCD Symbol Help

Hello Everyone,
I know that a symbol like λ means to insert, but I was wondering what the symbol reversed (that is the mirror image) means. Does it also mean "to insert"? Any help here would be appreciated, thanks.
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2021.10.16 01:17 chemguy112 i'm currently doing the 200 bolt challenge

I just pauded the game at 16. you can pause right?

i've notice if u remove the map in options it's slightly easier cuz the brightness in the corner isn't bothered by the map.

also there's a neat little place by the water area where it zooms in a little more. nothing special, i just sorta like it a bit.

wish me luck
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2021.10.16 01:17 Union_Keyblade Please Add me I'll Send Gifts!!! I need friends for Jirachi Quest!!!!

Friend Code: 6853 9306 5139
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2021.10.16 01:17 Initial_Grand Is codepath technical interview prep only offered in the fall?

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2021.10.16 01:17 straight_tooken If you know who this guy is, I'm sorry

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2021.10.16 01:17 PrayingDangerously Those in Washington love that it’s complicated to do your taxes. It helps them make money for their campaigns in exchange for favors. The only way this will change is if we refuse to vote for any of them until it changes. Don’t let fear ruin America. Pass the FairTax!

Those in Washington love that it’s complicated to do your taxes. It helps them make money for their campaigns in exchange for favors. The only way this will change is if we refuse to vote for any of them until it changes. Don’t let fear ruin America. Pass the FairTax! submitted by PrayingDangerously to fairtax [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 01:17 anonymousanon33 Do you unassign when you get a good stacked order and find out one is a non tip of low tip?

I got a 10$ order for 4 miles and found out one was 4$ and I don't think it was worth it.
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2021.10.16 01:17 freebiesdeals $1000 ROXY Wardrobe Every Season For a Year Giveaway

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2021.10.16 01:17 Gboi77 [xbox] [h] small list of rlcs items [w] credits listed

Octane dune racer decal - 1000
Octane rlcs decal - 100
hustle brows - 80
Purple fennec yorebands decal - 50
Fusion boost - 40
Playmaker dominus rlcs decal - 60
Blast ray boost - 50
Ballistic goal explosion - 40
Helios boost - 30
Ninja wheels - 20
Playmaker ninja wheels - 20
2 Fallen Angel banner - 20 each
Rlcs x banner - 20
Goalkeeper Hephaestus wheels - 20
Goalkeeper dominus stratum badge - 20
Decopunk wheels - 20
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2021.10.16 01:17 ChedesterVanNoy PPR javonte Williams vs LV, Herbert vs GB or Collins vs steelers

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2021.10.16 01:17 Goosey2c Dan be like

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2021.10.16 01:17 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert HIT AND RUN W WASHINGTON AVE / DOLORES DR 10/15/2021 4:08:05 PM incident #LLV211000062920
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2021.10.16 01:17 UglyOhioan Weird black sea glitch

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2021.10.16 01:17 Kenilwort Just got back from the Mark Ribilay concert . . .

LAME! I'd take the hot spot shenanigans any day. I was just chillin with tha crew on Asheland, playing some dice, when a loud "boom chicka bowwow" echoing from up the street. At the same time, I'm rolling for snake eyes, but the sudden hipster-infused ejaculation made me toss my dice down the gutter. Now, I'm no slouch, and normally I'd make the hike up nasty branch to retrieve them, but lil Jethy told me to "git on up (off) my ass" and check out this loud booming sound, which surely was breaking the important noise ordinance that the city just passed.
We hike up the street, through the sea of tourist paraphernalia and broken beer bottles (dropped by tourists). After a brutal slog, we find ourselves overlooking a teeming mass of 20- 30-somethings who smelled like children of the internet (cologne = computer fluid). In front of this teeming horde, a mustachioed man stood, holding them all in his thrall. Now, I don't speak whatever mysterious language he was speaking, but I was think it was German (he said something like: cathy cathy cathy ho! Fuck me in the roo rah roh! Catabunga corolla corollary, cash-ville sits on a cherokee cemetery!). Now, I don't want to sound like those antivax wackos, but a German dude with a mustache with a big crowd? Remind you of anything?
I righteously attempted to git down there and put a stop to this trashism, but Bee Dee told me "it's your meds! Not you!" But I know what I heard.
Absolutely disgusting, Asheville. Might migrate down to New Orleans early this year.
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2021.10.16 01:17 jumpbacktomeanytime Dozens of Oregon law enforcement officers have been members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia

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2021.10.16 01:17 LaurMFan37 I made this jacksepticeye filter for fun. It’s up on my Instagram now. I’m gonna remake soon though.

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2021.10.16 01:17 ImaSleuth4Truth Hillary needs to go back to bangs and cover those terrible eyebrows

Come on, Jared. Break out the white wine and chop chop chop.
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2021.10.16 01:17 smokingbat [5e] player gets upset whenever things don't go his way/ dealing with a problem player

So I'm a first time DM and about 8 sessions into my first campaign. It's going pretty well and the players seem to like it. I'm doing one that's slightly more difficult, including permanent injuries and things like that (but not instant player death).
In my last session, the players were doing a sidequest, stepping away from the main story for a bit. They had to go to an abandoned mansion where some "bandits" were blocking the trading routes of caravans. It turned out they were kidnappers, and they poison people in order to send them to an island so that rich nobles can hunt them (basically 'the most dangerous game'). The players entered a combat encounter which they were intended to fail, so that they could be knocked out and sent to the island. Before anyone says anything about how you "shouldn't force players to fail," here's a few notes: 1. everyone was fine with it, and figured it was a cool way to set up the intended setting of the session

  1. It was not a guaranteed fail. There were various traps there meant to poison/ separate members of the group. If they had kept an eye out for traps, or simply ran out of the mansion, they would have been able to avoid the kidnapping. The more strategic of the players was not here that day, and even with their low rolls on perception I made it clear when there was something that they should avoid (like in combat when an enemy was going down the stairs, I made it clear that they jumped over "something." the player in question had already triggered a pressure plate on the opposite side of the symmetrical staircase so /I thought that would be enough)
  2. had they gotten past the encounter, there would have been a map showing them where the island was
  3. I don't plan on doing it much anyway. It did setup some really cool moments though, especially when they got separated through a shutting hole trap, in which one player fell through and found himself surrounded by cages of werewolves, vampires, people etc. all going berserk. Some nice horror bits.
Anyway, one player, the monk with a more barbarian approach to things, failed by triggering various obvious traps. He was the most successful of the gang though, but ran over a lot of poison triggers that he could have avoided. As soon as he went down, he banged hard on the table in frustration. The other players basically just said "chill, it was obviously supposed to go that way," and that they thought it was a pretty cool way to go about it. He spent about half of the session spaced out, ignoring everything that was happening until he finally got into a combat and rolled really well, absolutely destroying a werewolf solo. Basically what it clearly boils down to based on this, is that he wants to win all the time. He has the same reaction in other encounters which aren't intended to be somewhat railroady. This player also just keeps copying his characters from anime, plays super aggressively and gets upset when it doesn't work out, has little to no regard for the effort it takes to homebrew, and gives no leniency with his mostly free schedule. He keeps asking for reschedules because he doesn't feel like doing it at a certain time, when all of the other players (And myself) only ever reschedule because of other obligations we may have. He's really good for the RP aspects, I'll give him that, but he is still a bit of a problem player. He takes anything bad that happens to his character personally, and it makes the other players uncomfortable. I've really tried to throw him bones to make him happy, like allowing him to go with his more snowflakey character ideas that don't fit the world and trying to meet him halfway when he basically wants his character to be the main character it feels like. I suppose this is more of a rant at this point, but in our first online session he also didn't roll below a 15 for the first 2 hours, until I called him out on his suspiciously high rolls, after which he would roll low on stuff that doesn't really matter, like perception.
Anyway, what do I do here? Our next session is coming up and it'll be a very important one for the campaign, I'd like everyone to be on the same page for it (because once again he doesn't want to start at the time we plan on because it may end around 8PM, even though one of the players is offering to drive 3 hours to this session and will have to go to work the next day and is totally fine with it running late. All the others players essentially said that if he wants to leave before its done, they arent going to give him a ride (he can't drive himself), and that he'll basically have to call an uber to drive him home. This feels antagonistic, but at the same time he is also the only player that has been so uncooperative, and frankly disrespectful of everyone else's time for a litany of reasons I wont get into here).
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2021.10.16 01:17 AngelaMotorman What happened to the October 15 "General Strike?" TikTokers were supposed to go on strike across the nation today—here's why the plan fell apart

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2021.10.16 01:17 FrontpageWatch2020 [#409|+1071|349] Fighting about wife’s bad hygiene [r/relationship_advice]

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2021.10.16 01:17 komericanblues Any pharmacists from Walgreens?

Hi, I am thinking about transferring my career to CVS from Walgreens.. Has anyone done this before?? If so, what is your opinions ?? Including pay and metrics etc...
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2021.10.16 01:17 thetruemaxwellord That guy breaks up group and tries to take the party

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2021.10.16 01:17 No_Hold_1647 The way this pizza was sliced

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