🔥Forever Burn🔥 Just Launched!|| 🔥315 Trillion Burned in 5 Days! (31% of the supply burned forever!)

2021.12.02 15:03 navel_buffet 🔥Forever Burn🔥 Just Launched!|| 🔥315 Trillion Burned in 5 Days! (31% of the supply burned forever!)

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Forever Burn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Experience the power of auto + manual Burns!
10% Auto Burned Forever on every single Transaction. "
2% to Liquidity
➡️1st Day : 1 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
➡️2nd Day: 2 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
➡️3rd Day: 3 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
➡️4th Day: 4 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
➡️5th Day: 5 Trillion Burn (COMPLETED)🔥
. (continue pattern)
➡️9th Day: 9 Trillion Burn🔥
➡️10th Day 10 Trillion Burn🔥
After day 10, we will burn 10 Trillion Coins once per week.
When the remaining supply reaches 500 Trillion, we will shift to burning 2% of the remaining supply per week.
In addition to an auto burn on each transaction and weekly manual burns,
We will also be featuring burn milestones.
At each burn milestone we will Burn Even More Tokens:
➡️$10,000 mc & 100 Holders => 10 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$30,000 mc & 150 Holders => 10 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$50,000 mc & 200 Holders => 10 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$100,000 mc & 300 Holders => 20 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$300,000 mc & 400 Holders => 20 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️$500,000 mc & 600 Holders => 20 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️1 Million mc & 1,000 Holders => 30 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️3 Million mc & 3,000 Holders => 30 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️5 Million mc & 5,000 Holders => 30 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️10 Million mc & 10,000 Holders => 40 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️50 Million mc & 20,000 Holders => 50 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️100 Million mc & 40,000 Holders => 100 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️500 Million mc & 50,000 Holders => 120 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️1 Billion mc & 100,000 Holders => 150 Trillion Tokens🔥
➡️Each Additional Billion in MC => 25% of the Remaining Liquidity🔥
If at any point we do not have enough tokens available to burn, we will burn 10% of the available liquidity pool instead.
The more we burn, the more you earn.
So get out there, spread the word, and get ready for the coin that's going to take the market by storm.
We are here for the long run.
but Please note in order to do large manual burns on the spur of the moment at milestone goals,
the liquidity pool has to remain unlocked.
So really it comes down to trust. People lock liquidity and still pull shams and scams.
I'm here to say that I'm leaving it unlocked for the good of our holders,
and that I'm here to stay and make our community some serious money as watch our coin burn like no other bsc token has ever done.
Welcome aboard the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 train
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2021.12.02 15:03 Vylpes Banana for me?

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2021.12.02 15:03 xiao_x make uppland great again

make uppland great again hittade en meme med plutonim och dansken, kunde inte gå förbi och inte göra en uppland-version
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2021.12.02 15:03 hizz0821 [WTB] unity riser fde [il]

I'm looking to spend about $65-$75 depending on salt.
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2021.12.02 15:03 Latter-Nectarine6054 Imagine😭😭

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2021.12.02 15:03 Nihilisticky My wish list of small QoL features for DFK

Saved search filters It gets old setting up many tabs searching for different variations of heroes to look for. Sometimes the buy button stops working if the tab has been open for too long, and all tabs needs refresh and re-filtering.
Hero (group) tags I heard this one is already somewhere on the roadmap? It would be really nice to give heroes a marketplace tag like "bought for 69,420 jewels", or quest tagging a group "5 fishers" / "7 fishers".
Summon filtering It's on the roadmap for sure, and I want to see it for sure :)
That's it. What relatively small features do you want to see implemented soon?
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2021.12.02 15:03 CetiCeltic I really, REALLY like Ladybug

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2021.12.02 15:03 TralalogHole Banned?

Am I shadowbanned?
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2021.12.02 15:03 ineedhelp269 Advice for a 17m who got “friend zoned?”

I’m a 17m (high school senior). I used to really like this girl, though she was always really awkward to be around but we made a good connection. We always invited each other to dates and loved being around one another. I actually spent a bunch of time away from my best friends to be with her, something which I know regret. At first I thought she liked me as much as I liked her so I decided to give myself a chance. It didn’t work and I got friendzoned unfortunately. Sad for me I guess since I really liked her, but I’m already used to it and have to move on.
The thing was though that a few days after my rejection she told a bunch of her friends about it, which later told about a bunch of their friends and so on and now all my friends know about it. Things with her got way to awkward after that to say the least and I realized I couldn’t keep the “best friend” thing for any longer so I decided to distance myself from her.
But now she wants to spent more time with me than ever. She calls me 3 or 4 times during the day and wants to spend all of her time with me in school. I’m getting overwhelmed with this because I want to spent time with the friends I haven’t talk to. I have told her multiple times to please let me have some space but she follows me anyways. What should I do to distance myself from her?
Also sorry for my shitty English. Spanish is my first language.
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2021.12.02 15:03 that_defiant_1 Which would be better?

Putting together a new PC and getting rid of MS. I'm torn between open-source, virtual box on hardware and Qubes OS.
Any experience with either?
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2021.12.02 15:03 JTurner82 From an attendee at AnimeNYC

There was someone at the con who tested positive apparently for Omnicron. But as someone who went there and was triple vaxxed I can tell you, I do not have any symptoms. I still am in good shape. And the person in question who caught it tested on Nov 25 and two days later lost symptoms. So in case anybody is worried about me as one of the attendees, don’t. I am not sick. I was nothing but cautious the whole time.
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2021.12.02 15:03 AmBull1216 What the newly proposed realignment could look like.

So this is my take on the realignment proposed by the players, of 2 divisions per League (basically just splitting up the Central divisions):
I think this is probably the best way to go about it, as far as geographic efficiency and keeping the major rivalries within the same division goes.
They also proposed a 12 team postseason. Assuming that would mean 2 division winners and 4 WC teams per League - I don't know how else they would do it - this is what the postseason would have been last year if this was in effect then:
AL- TBR(1), HOU(2), CHW(3), BOS(4), NYY(5), TOR(6). So basically no change except for CHW being a WC and Toronto making it in.
NL- SFG(1), ATL(2), LAD(3), MIL(4), STL(5), CIN(6). Again, not too different aside from MIL being a WC and CIN making it in.
Obviously the realignment would mean different regular season schedules, so it's doubtful many teams finish with the same records, but this is just a visualization so that's not really relevant for this example.
As for what the new schedule formula may look like with the now larger and unequal divisions, I came up with this...
(total number of opponents × number of games against each opponent)
AL East, NL West (8 team divisions)- Division(7×12) + League(6×7)+(1×6) + Interleague(15×2)= 162 games
AL West, NL East (7 team divisions)- Division(4×13)+(2×12) + League(8×7) + Interleague(15×2)= 162 games
I'm not too sure about all of the 2 game series for the entirety of interleague play, but I like the idea of all 30 teams playing each other at least once in the regular season (unpopular opinion?), so I just went with it. I don't know, I'm not a schedule scientist so this is the best I could come up with. There's probably more that goes into making the schedules, but I feel like this bare bones formula is sufficient enough for a hypothetical realignment that probably won't even happen (although I hope it does).
So that's basically all I got. This is all pretty straight forward stuff - so maybe doing all this was a bit unnecessary - but whatever, I had fun doing it, and in the end isn't that all that really matters?
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2021.12.02 15:03 throwaway36019 I really really regret learning Italian and Portuguese.

I really really regret learning Italian and Portuguese.
I regret learning Italian and Portuguese.
(I’m a native English speaker)
It’s not that I can’t speak the languages well. I can speak, write and read well enough (not perfect, but good enough.) Work was never the motivation because I was already learning them long ago. I started learning them for the sake of learning, though I must mention that I’m interested in Italian and Brazilian cultures. The problem is that after reaching an advanced level I realised that there is not much in the language that interests me.
I am a bookworm, so I mainly learn through reading. Italian and Portuguese books don’t interest me a lot. There are definitely some that are good, but not a whole lot. Even movies and TV shows, or podcasts, or any sort of material- not much interests me. This has DEFINITELY not been the case for Spanish, a foreign language that I speak fluently.
I am currently learning French now and Italian and Portuguese have helped quite a fair bit in vocabulary and grammatical structures. However, I still regret not learning French earlier because it has a huge global presence + I am actually finding A LOT of books, music, TV programmes etc. that interest me even at just an intermediate level.
I also regret putting off Russian to focus on Italian and Portuguese. Reasons are similar to those of French. I’m getting back on my feet right now and currently I’m learning both French and Russian.
I’m so lost, helpless and disoriented right now. I just screwed up my life.
What do I do?
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2021.12.02 15:03 venividivickyyy The AI Quest

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2021.12.02 15:03 albertcju Help me interpret my tasting notes (moka pot)

I'm trying to explore types of coffee beans and bought these two beans:
I drink mostly with milk/oatmilk (half and half) but for this tasting this is what I did:

  1. Weighed exactly 25g of beans
  2. Ground them at the finest setting of my Wilfa Svart (right where it says "Moka pot")
  3. Filled my 6-shot Bialetti Venus with the 25g (curiously this required tamping with the Lavazza beans to fit, I guess less roast = more volume per gram)
  4. Filled the moka pot with boiling water, put at max temperature on gas stove, reduced to medium setting as soon as coffee started to pour and aborted the extraction under cold water as soon as vapor starts to come out
  5. Poured a small amount of each on a pair of cups, swirled around to cool them, sipped back and forth between them.
  6. Prepared as I usually would (half milk half coffee), sipped back and forth between them.
Based on what I had read about roast levels, types of beans and the reviews of these products, I expected the Lavazza ones to be much more subtle, better for drinking black, and the dark roast to be a lot more flavor but unidimensional in the sense that all I would taste would be the burnt/roast taste. Instead, this is what I tasted:
  1. Lavazza: too sour on its own to taste anything else. Even after adding milk, sourness is almost all-encompassing.
  2. San Francisco: a little sour on it's own, but nice chocolate-type deep aftertaste. Glorious with milk, perfectly balanced.
How can I find the French roast more complex than the medium roast? What am I doing wrong?
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2021.12.02 15:03 Funniestpersonhere PC for around $1000

I need a PC for pretty intense gaming, for games like half life alyx or beatsaber. I live in the US. I just need the PC, nothing else. And please make sure it's in stock 😅, a lot of great PC's I've found are out of stock.
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2021.12.02 15:03 RedKing85 Conservation (white looting)

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2021.12.02 15:03 ZoolShop Storm Arwen shows the power grid isn’t resilient enough for a changing climate | Letters

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2021.12.02 15:03 snuffalope 4 month olds are confusing

So we got through the sleep regression (1.5 weeks of crap naps and waking every hour at night) but now our little is waking every 2-3 hours at night. She's stopped giving hunger cues, so I'm left to just guess when she's hungry. She loves playing but not all the time. She's been trying to roll back to front and also trying to stand when we hold her in a sitting position. Oh, and no naps longer than 45 minutes ever! Is this just a weird age all around or am I doing something wrong?
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2021.12.02 15:03 Hibberts_Hangout I see those specialty items lasted long….

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2021.12.02 15:03 Sixgodcartel Hi

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2021.12.02 15:03 Duttbust Join the 🌃The Forest🌳 Discord Server! Join the monke cult. It is nice and you wont regret it!

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2021.12.02 15:03 BirminghamStats Updated Birmingham Unemployment Figures | released December 02, 2021

Official unemployment figures for the Birmingham economy were updated today. Numbers for September have been finalized and preliminary figures for October have now been made available.
The unemployment rate fell to 2.7% in September. 300 positions were lost, but 2,800 workers exiting the labor force caused the unemployment rate to decrease. The overall Nonfarm Payrolls figure did not change significantly. No individual sector saw significant employment changes.
October (preliminary)
The unemployment rate fell to 2.5% in October. 3,400 positions were added, with only 2,300 workers entering the labor force causing the unemployment rate decrease. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 8,200. No individual sector saw significant employment changes.
*BirminghamStats is a public service account committed to making /Birmingham a better informed community.
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2021.12.02 15:03 Beast667Neighbour Bas Uterwijk, an Amsterdam - based artist uses AI ( artificial intelligence) to create stunning realistic portraits of historical figures and monuments such as the Statue of Liberty.

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2021.12.02 15:03 Spiritual_Sun5400 Am I being strung along?

Hello Reddit,
I am very confused on where my relationship is going with this guy. Went out on four dates and he asked me to be exclusive and I said I liked him but I wasn’t ready and I needed to know him better.
As if it wasn’t enough drama, we then had a massive miscommunication misunderstanding incident shortly after. And I basically got into a convo with him where I started crying. He didn’t take this so well….and started doubting if he really wanted to be with me. He was still willing to see me though. A day after, he tells me he’s not sure if he’s feeling a spark ? But then he still reassured me wants to see me and he wants to figure out his feelings? He then texted me the following day normally again.
Am I being strung along now? Should I just cut him off? We are both above age 30 btw.
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