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2021.12.02 16:13 hungry4brilliance [Letter]

Dr. Peterson,
Thank you for your books, podcasts and lectures.
I have started to follow you over the past year and it is so refreshing (to say the least) to hear someone really intelligent speak, discuss with and learn from other intelligent people!
Mentally, it's been a tough 18+ months - realizing how easily some can be persuaded by the mainstream narrative and seeing true colours and intelligence levels of close friends and families.
Every time I become thirsty for knowledge and brilliant minds, which is quite often these days, I turn on one of your podcasts.
Thank you so much for being you and putting yourself in public. Your work is truly appreciated.
All the best to your health and family,
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2021.12.02 16:13 Appropriate-Canary60 Just discovered my sword fern has fungus gnat eggs in the soil, but for the last couple years it was doing well.And I wasn’t overwatering it. Since sword ferns are native to the pacific nw, I thought of planting it in a forest somewhere; I think it’ll do much better that way.Any suggestions on this?

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2021.12.02 16:13 DeGezus Should I trade Tobias Harris for Timelord? - 9Cat 12T

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2021.12.02 16:13 hlkaMI_sAmA Idolatrized Even in Pieces: Stage 6 (Part 3 of 5)

Idolatrized Even in Pieces: Stage 6 (Part 3 of 5) Note: This thing might have become cringier, but I feel obligated to release the rest.
Fourth spell is "Cart Haniwas Driving Into Nothingness".
A grid of laser warning lines appear w/ yellow kunai running along them. Haniwas shooting cyan bullets then run in from 1 side of the screen, some of them staying on the grid. (Used light bullets to represent) Those left on field fire peach colored arrows and 8 magenta bullets. The haniwa alternates between coming in through the top/bottom and the left/right. Sometimes they also drop spirits w/ hitboxes, but this wave hasn't dropped any.
Without noticing, Reimu has missed on Convergence "Spiritual Lines that Covers Sky and Land". Don't worry, she didn't die w/ too much bombs in stock.
Fifth spell is "Pensive Geometry". It's a survival spell w/ Keiki out of the screen on the first phase.
First phase is same as the original spell ("Geometric Creature"), but the bullets are fired from the player. The bullets will wait before closing in on the player. Reimu, forced to bend to the crushing aspects, had to move accurately and quickly. To decrease the boringness, different patterns once the bullets close in on the spot the player stood can also appear.
Second phase is a regeneratable square made of lasers spinning and moving around w/ the player. The square catches bullets. Random bullets, ranging from dots to big orbs, randomly spawn in red, blue, purple and move at different speeds. An invincible Keiki then shoots various formations, all to make you move as much as possible. When the square catches enough bullets, it collapses on the player. It creates the pattern from "Geometric Creature". 2 bombs were used on this spell.
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2021.12.02 16:13 bFuckery What shoe is this ples

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2021.12.02 16:13 66southerngate6 Feeling way worse because of Zoloft?

Is it possible Zoloft makes me feel way worse? Been on it coming second month, 150mg and after explaining my feelings to my psychiatrist she reduced me back to 100mg.
I feel incredibly unfocused, have anxiety-like chest pains, only bad thoughts. Went through a crazy depressive episode during the past week rethinking my entire life, self-harming, having anxiety and being veeeeery unproductive. I can’t even watch a movie or read a book, I have too much unreasonable anxiety. Is this possible due to zoloft and if yes, does it get better?
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2021.12.02 16:13 captainpoopman Has anyone ever received a scam text with just a picture describing the scam?

Woke up this morning to a text from some random number. First instinct was to block the number and delete the message, didn’t open the actual image just the thread.The image was black text on a white background describing getting a loan from some obvious scam loan site, pretty average scam stuff.
What was weird to me was that they sent the scam as an image rather than typing it out with their link and everything. I’ve never seen that happen before. Has me paranoid because of all that Pegasus stuff a few months ago. Anyone ever get a scam text like this?
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2021.12.02 16:13 Skincareaddict456 Calc one professors?

So I am taking calc one next semester and my options for professors are li yang, mark s grinshpon and Yao senmai (online) which one is the best option?
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2021.12.02 16:13 ElEspresso Faceless, me, photography, 2019

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2021.12.02 16:13 DanZan24 So quick question....i accidentally broke a thermometer and i literally cleaned it all up (the room temp was at 20°c) and the Mercury touched my blanket and a bed sheet is it ok to put them in the washing machine or?

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2021.12.02 16:13 Ok-Molasses5552 Region UNKNOWN

Hi, I need help can someone show me how to fix unknow region in bobcatminer diagnoser it show unknow and i can't witness nearby hotsopts is anything that i can change or to do something , please help
Thank you
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2021.12.02 16:13 catiaffsoares [FOR HIRE ] Commissions Open | CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT→ Swipe for prices → Please contact me if you have any questions ♥︎

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2021.12.02 16:13 archvader67 Fiz minha matrícula em Ciência da Computação. Alguma dica de como levar o curso?

Finalmente fiz minha matrícula no curso de Ciência da Computação. Estava bem triste trabalhando como Arquiteto e Urbanista e resolvi mudar de carreira. Alguma dica de como levar o curso? Quando procurar um estágio, como estudar pras matérias, o que estudar por fora e etc... eu tava pensando em me especializar em Arquitetura de SOftware por ter uma pegada meio Design Thinking e de compatibilização que eu desenvolvi bem na minha última graduação, pensei certo ou nada a ver?
Ah, enfim, estou muito feliz hahah
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2021.12.02 16:13 itsover3166 We're on the verge of breaking up and I'm so lost right now

I (27m) have been with my gf (23F) for more than 2 years (first time she came here, been talking for maybe 3 years now), and now she's doubting everything and she doesn't think it's a good idea settling where I live, even though we've been making plans. She's scared because she's not fluent enough in the language spoken here even though she's doing already really good and keep getting better at it, because she's scared of not finding a job or getting accepted into university here. I told here all those problems can be fixed, I wanted to get married so we can have an easy way for her to get a long term visa. And I explained to her how I did my studies with foreign students who were way worse than her in the language.
Her biggest problem is that she doesn't want kid and I do, even though I told her it's such a distant problem I don't even want to think about it now. Maybe I'll change my mind or she will change hers, but we're way too young to worry about that now anyways. I don't even wanna think about that. It's important to project yourself in the future, but that's so distant it doesn't matter to me for the near future. I'd just like for us to be together for some time at least, then we would see.
But just the other day she said she's questioning everything also because a guy she's been talking to online (platonically, according to her...) wants to date her and he lives close to her. Apparently she's extremely confused now. It fucking broke my heart. I have no idea how to react to that even though I know what it means. I still trust her even though everything changed now. I still plan on going to see her for Christmas, I'll see her whole family. But idk what to do from then on.
She's my first ever girlfriend and I don't think I can ever find another girl. I'm not very good looking so I always knew deep down I couldn't keep a gf for too long if I ever had one. And I think she got with me because she's shy and not super experienced so she's not used to getting attention from males even though I know she's very good looking and she's had guys hitting on her, and I guess now she knows she can do way better than me. But even then, I don't want to lose her because I love her. No I have doubts about everything, maybe she never even loved me in the first place. She says she does but it seems like everything was a lie.
I understand it's a lot of sacrifices for her, and I'd be making sacrifices too, but we've already been through so much I really thought she was ready for it. I did most of the administrative stuff every time and I'm ready to do it again, I really care about us it's not like I'm asking everything from her and I'm not lifting a finger.
I'm so lost right now.
Sorry for the wall of text and rambling my mind is all over the place.
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2021.12.02 16:13 Uncle_Chef Not able to cross-post but wanted to say that the TABLE IS BEHIND THE COUCH

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2021.12.02 16:13 Immediate-Coat-7249 Why is a roach clip called a roach clip?

Because pot holder was already taken.
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2021.12.02 16:13 CharlieFisch Live on Android for every US people!

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2021.12.02 16:13 EdibleTriceratops I'm going to sing these words next time I hear this song:

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2021.12.02 16:13 SpectaSilver991 What buildings do you build during a world conquest or blobbing game?

As you expand, and take more lands, what do you build in those lands? Courthouses during blobbing is obvious. What else?
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2021.12.02 16:13 Ok_Exam_8507 Crazy vegan compares eating meat to racism and hate crimes

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2021.12.02 16:13 beatNick_ Suppose

As lifeforms we must put life first above all else, otherwise we are insensible. We are not here to serve reality, we are here to create with it for the sake of life-preservation, life-promotion, species-preservation, and species-cultivation. Let us not forget we have several tools: Language, Knowledge, Truth, Belief, Imagination, Training, Competition, Morality, Science, Art, Construction.
“But lo! men have become the tools of their tools.” - Thoreau
Nietzsche: Gather around. I have a demonstration for you all.
(The Herd arrives)
(They watch him pick up a tool)
Nietzsche: Suppose I, let this go…
The Herd: Gasp How could he drop the prized possession!? (They look at one another) Is he sick? Look! He broke it!
Nietzsche: Can you not see? - This tool is not durable, it is weak, and that is just what it imposes on us. It is not worthy of serving us, it would’ve failed us. We must build it better, we must know it better.
The Herd: He is mad!
(He picks up another tool)
The Herd: Don’t you dare!
Nietzsche: Look at all that is wrong with this one. It’s over-engineered and still lacks thoroughness. This is sadly scientific. The handle is ergonomic but the cutting edge is not sharp enough, it simply will not do. When will we learn to stay focused on the primary function?
The Herd: You criticize our most prized possessions! You doubt reality itself! Lunatic!
Nietzsche: What about yourselves? - You neglect your very life in favor of your reality which holds you down.
The Herd: This man is Evil!
Nietzsche: (Smiles) It is improbable that you are not mistaken, but why insist on the truth??
The Herd: (Confused)
(Nietzsche walks away)
“Not to remain stuck to our own virtues and become as a whole the victim of some detail in us.” - Nietzsche
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2021.12.02 16:13 Scavez Turtle pellets?

Can red cherry shrimps eat crushed turtle pellets? The pellets are 40% protein
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2021.12.02 16:13 unclefalter Broke out my dusty SoC MK14 for some duck shooting. :)

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2021.12.02 16:13 dwightsmallwood ⚠️💵 EASY $20 ~ Ando, SoFi, Step

Sign up for each of these and earn up to $20 in cash bonuses. These offers are available in the US only

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2021.12.02 16:13 TheGoldenGarchomp I made an animatic of the Jevil Eggman rant. Cursing warning.

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