People nowadays

2022.01.20 09:03 Apprehensive_Watch24 People nowadays

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2022.01.20 09:03 Marlon36X Parecia um doido drogado na ubs😂😂😂

Tipo, eu estava drogado mesmo pelo remédio que tomei (para tirar a dor do calculo renal) e não passou, fiquei meio bêbado digamos assim e branco como fantasma (na ubs da saúde) todo mundo ficou olhando pra mim pq eu tava assim e agitado com muita dor... e que dor! Pqp! Mn como dói 😂
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2022.01.20 09:03 TeeJee48 Wild Speculation on Ted

So it's a pretty common theory that a clone of Ted may be out there, potentially linked to the "mysterious signal".
But a thought just occurred to me - what if TedClone is out there - but he's a good guy?
Maybe despite Ted's efforts this clone started life as clueless as Aloy, went on his own journey, discovered his heritage, and now feels an overwhelming obligation to try and make up for the sins of his forebear?
Would make for a pretty interesting character IMO.
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2022.01.20 09:03 ephemereal_throwaway I really don't know what to do. Please help.

Sorry for the long post. please Help me.
So, I met this woman on Reddit a few weeks back. Both of us are adults. Even though we live in different countries, our Mother Tongue is the same. Her country is more advanced than mine though. I was attracted to her just by looking at her Reddit posts and comments(Only text. She didn't post any self pictures). We texted on and off for a few days(around 5 minutes a day as she said she has work to do) casually and I think that she is super intelligent and has a good personality.
People may think that I am a bad person for glancing over all her Reddit posts and comments(I spent a whole night) but, I am attracted to her and wanted to know more about her. I found out that she is looking for a boyfriend(and I too am looking for a girlfriend) and omg, I match the physical characteristics she wants in a bf. I also found that she doesn't match the physical characteristics I want but wth, I really wanted to give it a shot. One day, I replied to one of her most recent post(nothing creepy. Just about some architecture which I happened to have some knowledge about) and after a few hours she deleted her account. I don't know if I am the reason for this. She had around 15,000 karma and really seems to like interacting on Reddit. I previously told her it is fine if she doesn't talk to me and she replied something like she wants to talk. I would have left her alone if she just said that she doesn't want to talk to me.
I lost hope of finding her in this vast world again. Because, I couldn't do anything to contact her now I just continued with my boring life. After many days, I opened Reddit today and OOOOOOOOOOOOOMG, I stumbled upon an account and I am positively sure it is her. It is 100% her. And this new account was created just within a day or two after her old account was deleted. Now, I am really interested in her and want to be her bf but, wtf should I do? Should I message her new account? What should I message her? What the frick should I actually do in this position/dilemma?
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2022.01.20 09:03 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 20, 2022 at 01:03PM

Gerade ist es January 20, 2022 at 01:03PM
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2022.01.20 09:03 holylance98 If you still feel 'bad' for MM, you should please read it.

If you still feel 'bad' for MM, you should please read it. This woman was officially considered a criminal and communist sympathizer by the U.S. government and FBI, and yet many people still consider her their own role model. She was notorious for her heavy drug abuse, adultery and infidelity, and yet she was somewhat treated as a feminist icon. (SHOCKER)
She didn't have remarkable features other than her 'healthy' hourglass body, simply following what was trendy in her time, or may I say, 'progressive' in her mind. During an uncertain, dangerous Cold War era when the world could easily be destroyed by nuclear weapons, she spoke about 'toxic masculinity', 'child sexual abuse' and other garbage while putting her home country in a danger. She openly supported communism while being hugely unaware about poverty, dictatorship and Gulags in the Soviet Union. Did this woman ever have brains?
Now let's just see what she thought about her loved ones, calling them 'negative people'. She was just a sick woman. I CANNOT even imagine Audrey Hepburn doing so with her husbands. It's unbelievable and contrary to the common sense.
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2022.01.20 09:03 LEO192001 Does consuming too much dairy products causes hair fall ?

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2022.01.20 09:03 Ok_Statistician9269 Mawile on me 4789 2290 1944

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2022.01.20 09:03 DoktorKaputt [Media] I heard these were all the rage currently. My inability to draw properly did not stop me from making one as well

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2022.01.20 09:03 Plenty_Stomach_5297 Imagine after Loki

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2022.01.20 09:03 Random3x [WP] A small remote village relies on an ecosystem of monsters for its well being. The dragon runs the mountain forge, the lich and its undead hordes till the fields at night... every now and then a hero comes along and disturbs the peace.

Part 1/2
After a monumental effort, Thomas and his party had finally come to the village nestled within the valley of the sleeping horse. He would never know how Alice traversed the Dragons Nest Mountain Range by herself. But that is beside the point they were where she grew up and were here to visit her Father.
He was a man the entire party had wanted to meet for the few years they had travelled with her. Supposedly only a mundane farmer. But the things she described him doing was beyond anything an arch-mage can do.
Alice herself was near skipping along the road towards the little village, going on about each of the villagers. It was clear this was the kind of place where everyone knew everyone. That it was the kind of village where you were just a big family of sorts, he only regretted Heek couldn’t be here with them. He had already gone off to spy on the Dark Lord Helshep by the time they agreed to visit.
Thomas’ stomach began to knot up. He could’ve sworn he just saw a line of skeletons walking towards a field. But it must be his imagination, undead this far out? Alice would’ve mentioned something already if this was an enclave of necromancers. The Girl was downright naive and clueless about many things.
Finally reaching the place after a good half an hour of trekking, they were greeted by an old man. He had a receding hairline and a big scraggly beard. He was precisely as Thomas imagined him. Just like Alice had described.
“Greet’n you lot lost or sumin?” he asked in a thick country accent.
“Uncle Max, it’s me, Alice”, Alice said, bursting out from behind Thomas.
“Good gosh, Alice? Last time I saw you, you were yay high”, he said, gesturing to his knee height.
“I was much bigger than that”, she said with a faux pout. “You going senile since I left ole man”, she added, throwing a friendly jab at his shoulder.
“Maybe miss, who your friends? Must be tough tah get through the Dragons Nest range”, Max said, leaning around Alice to look at Thomas and Victor.
“Oh, this is Tommy; he’s a hero, and that’s Victor. He’s a prince or something, I dunno, Alice replied with her usual blase tone. Victor looked hurt by the way she described him. But Thomas seemed more perturbed as he noticed Max shoot a fearful glance at him.
“So you here for sumin specific?” Max asked as he began to walk back into the village accompanied by the party.
“Nah, just to see daddy”. Alice said with a beaming smile of an eager kid. However, Max just stopped in his tracks.
“Your dad… ee’s not ere,” Max said, his tone being very awkward.
“What?!” Alice replied, clearly shocked.
“Yeah, right bout the time you left he went east with that Vestari fella and we’ve not seen hide nor hair since”, Max said with a shrug.
“Sorry to interrupt, sir, I can’t help but notice a Dragon sleeping behind what I assume is the blacksmith”, Thomas said, pointing behind the pair.
“If you’d like, we can slay him for you. We did slay a good number of dragons on the way here”, Thomas said, puffing his chest out in pride. When he looked back at the pair, he noticed both Alice and Max seemed confused.
“Why would you kill old Grux?” Alice asked, tilting her head.
“Ee’s not doing arm”, Max added with an equally confused tone of voice.
“But he’s a dragon”, Thomas insisted.
“He also the reason we can run the forge Lad”, Max said, pointing to the blacksmith that seemed to be working on some farming tools.
Thomas could only weakly nod while Victor gave his shoulder a friendly pat. They continued walking through the village, with Alice pointing out points of interest.
“That’s the well I fell down when I was eight”, she said, pointing to the well at the centre of the village. “Oh, and that’s Mrs, Tolska’s house. I fell off their roof when I was nine”, she said eagerly, pointing to another building.
“I can’t help notice you seem to have fallen off or down near everything here, miss”, Victor pointed out.
“Not everything”, Alice protested. “I haven’t fallen off Uncle Bonsie’s Tower”, she added, pointing to a large tower to the north of the village.
“Uncle Bonsie?” Thomas repeated.
“That’d be me”, a cold ethereal voice said from behind the party. Thomas and Victor turned around and instantly drew their weapons.
“A LICH!!” Thomas said, already enhancing his strength by letting mana flow through him. His preparations were interrupted by Alice charging between the pair and jumping into a tackle hug of the Lich.
The Lich himself seemed surprised before lightly patting Alice’s back.
“I missed you too, lass”, he said with a smile. Well, Thomas assumed it was a smile; it is hard to tell with a skull for a face.
“Why is an Elder Lich here?!!” Thomas demanded, turning to Max then back to Alice.
“Well, he lives here. He summons undead that farm the fields”, Max explained as if that was obvious.
“WHY. ARE. YOU. TOLERATING. AN. UNDEAD?!!!” Thomas exclaimed, barely containing himself.
“He’s not hurting anyone, Tommy”, Alice said, pouting.
“I’m starting to see why the young miss has a skewed perspective on things if she grew up here”, Victor said, his voice full of mirth.
Thomas could only sigh as he sheathed his sword. This place was beyond all reason. Just to get here, you have to go across a mountain infested with dragons. Then you come out, and there’s an elder lich handling the farming, a dragon working the forge. What could be next?
As if to answer his musings, a loud whistle echoes around the small square. Drawing his attention to the source, he could feel his jaw drop. A pair of children were dragging a Chimera that was bloodied beyond belief. Thomas had seen an entire Paladin core struggle to face a lesser Chimaera. But these kids were dragging one like it was nothing.
“Truly, this must be fate; we can have a feast to celebrate your visit”, Max said with a smile.
“Wow, they’ve grown”, Alice said, looking at the grinning kids. “Last I saw them, they struggled against dragons, and now they’re hunting Chimeras alone”, she said with a warm smile.
The pair of kids who had noticed the group visibly lit up as they charged towards them. Thomas felt his hand twitch towards his sword only to feel Victor holding his arm and shaking his head. The Kids tackle hugged Alice the same way she had the Lich.
“Big Sis!!” they both shouted.
“Hey guys”, Alice replied, ruffling their hair before being dragged away.
Thomas went to follow after them but was stopped by Max. He wanted to use his strength to push through but found that Max’s arm would not budge no matter how much strength he tried using. ‘What are these people?’ was all he could think.
Part 2/2
It was much later in the evening by the time Alice returned. She had twigs in her hair and had muddy patches all over her clothes. The Village elder Hugo was leading the celebration with a toast.
“To the return of a family member and new friends”, he said, holding up a tankard of mead. Thomas joined the toast as everyone drank.
“Wow, that is good mead,” Victor said, looking at the tankard stunned.
“Thank you. We use only the finest Leviathan Honey we can”, Hugo said.
“That so”, Victor said, looking at his tankard again before shrugging and drinking some more. Thomas, though was frozen. Leviathan Honey can only be harvested from a hive of Leviathan Bees. Just when he thought this place couldn’t get any more absurd, he would find new depths to the insanity.
He had to concede Victor was right when he said this place is why Alice has such a weird view on things. Growing up here, most of the stuff they had faced would seem like nothing. The people here alone were beyond powerful. Every time Thomas offered to slay some monster, they would laugh and explain they used them for this and that.
Seriously, who uses a hydra pick fruit?! But he decided to take Victor’s advice and just switch his common sense off while he was staying here. No reason to think too deeply about things. What mattered most right now was seeing how happy Alice was. He hadn’t seen her smile and laugh this much in so long.
As the evening wore on, more people began passing out. Only the hardiest of drinkers and those abstaining were still conscious. Alice was asleep on a hay bale with the two kids cuddled up on either side of her. Victor was refusing to lose a drinking game with Max.
It was as he watched over this scene he felt the presence of Hugo sit next to him.
“You seem lost, lad”, Hugo said.
“Well, everything here is so…” he trailed off.
“Absurd?” Hugo offered to which Thomas nodded.
“Tell me, lad, what is the name of this place?” Hugo asked.
“Valley of the sleeping horse”, Thomas answered.
“I see his renaming is working then”, Hugo said with a weak smile.
“Her dad renamed this place when he came here. Said we ought to have a chance at real peace”, Hugo explained, looking up at the starry sky.
“What do you mean?” Thomas asked.
“You ever heard of a nightmare beat?” Hugo asked. Thomas nodded.
“This is the valley of the nightmares. Every person here minus a few like Mr lich and her dad are members of the nightmare race”, Hugo admitted.
“But they are meant to be the most terrifying things in existence”, Thomas countered, refusing to believe this village was a hole where the scariest things resided.
“Aye, we were once like that. Our race takes the form of what people expect,” Hugo explained. “You had Young Alice’s stories of us, so you see us as normal villagers”, he added with a gesture to Alice.
“It’s why we live in isolation. After the third great war of the Dark Lord, we were figuratively cursed to look like everyone’s worst fever dream nightmare monsters. Sir hero, we’ve had a few of your kind come through here. I only ask you leave peacefully”, Hugo said, leaning back.
“Honestly, from what I’ve seen, I doubt I could win against anything here anyway”, Thomas said, leaning back himself.
“Aye”, was all Hugo said in response.
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2022.01.20 09:03 reeces98 Bit late to the party. New Years resolution to do better than with German and Ukrainian… 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Bit late to the party. New Years resolution to do better than with German and Ukrainian… 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 submitted by reeces98 to PieuteGaelicChallenge [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 09:03 JagBak73 Forcing nurses to work after testing positive for covid

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2022.01.20 09:03 SnootyEuropean Little Pinks get upset about a story about... snail noodles?
This is just beautiful, like a parody of "Little Pinks" (小粉红) but real. She wanted to write a harmless piece about the snail noodle trend in China, but wasn't interested in following directives from propaganda officials. So she declined their "offers" for "guided tours" and went on her own. But that was a grave mistake, because it somehow made the local officials so paranoid that they sent police to harass her, and triggered (pre-emptive?) "response articles" such as this one, which just completely miss the tone of the NPR article.
Because when you actually read her article... it's a fluff piece. Like, it's among the most non-offensive China coverage I've seen in mainstream media in a while. But that didn't stop wumaos and Little Pinks from descending in droves on her Twitter to attack her. Determined to be outraged at something, but unsure what.
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2022.01.20 09:03 tom_jpeg Vanmoof support confirms that alert notifications are coming for the app

Vanmoof support confirms that alert notifications are coming for the app I asked support why there are currently only theft notifications by email.
The support assured me several times that they are currently working on an update which will notify you via app when alarm level 3 is triggered.
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2022.01.20 09:03 peesooshhvusog [HIRING] 25 Jobs in nurse Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Conway Regional Health System Operating Room Nurse Mayflower
Barton Associates Nurse Practitioner - Urgent Care Central
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Palo Verde
NP Now Family Nurse Practitioner / FNP - Primary Care Brawley
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Clearlake
NP Now Nurse Practitioner - Outpatient Behavioral Health Coachella
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN -Short Term- Excellent Pay! Covina
Geer Village LPN / Licensed Practical Nurse - Canaan, CT- Skilled Nursing & Rehab Facility Canaan
Stamford Hospital Outpatient Temp Registered Nurse Riverside
Dialyze Direct Registered Nurse De Funiak Springs
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Euharlee
Great River Health Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)-NF/SNF 40 hours per week Klein Center West Burlington
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - LVN - Excellent Pay! Brookfield
Barton Associates Nurse Practitioner - Primary Care Bay State
NP Now CRNA/Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Winterville
Cass County Medical Care Facility LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Cassopolis
TherapyTravelers School Nurse – LVN - Excellent Pay!- Short Term Robbinsdale
Fairview Health Services Registered Nurse (RN) – Critical Care Float Pool Wyoming
NP Now Family Nurse Practitioner / FNP- Primary Care: 20 hrs Tabor City
JobSquad Staffing Solutions (Formerly Hire Scene) Nursery Specialist/Especialista de Vivero Willard
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - Full Time LPN Allendale
TherapyTravelers School Nurse- LVN- Excellent Pay! Upper Montclair
NP Now Family Nurse Practitioner / FNP- Primary Care: 32 hrs + Benefits! Artesia
TherapyTravelers School Nurse - Part Time LVN - Excellent Pay! Osino
Glens Falls Hospital Nurse Residency Program Clifton Park
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 09:03 AwesomeManatee Do you think Andrias will get a musical number?

Most great Disney cartoons have a memorable Villain Song, will Andrias get one too?
View Poll
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2022.01.20 09:03 stevencage-13 I live in europe🥲

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2022.01.20 09:03 Vova_19_05 Does the three fold repetition rule take into consideration the uniqueness of the every human being?

Or is it more like “a guy was here and it doesn’t matter which it was”? Theoretically they could have repeated positions from different match
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2022.01.20 09:03 tophustla Nomiswap | TONCOIN-USDC

Nomiswap | TONCOIN-USDC Farm NMX token at new DEX Nomiswap in TONCOIN-USDC pool
APR 97%
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2022.01.20 09:03 brodiebt1 Approximate costing for re-coating a house's exterior walls

I'm looking at buying a house at the moment and there is one that looks almost perfect inside however there seems to be a lot of work on the exterior walls as it has old and cracked coatings on the exterior walls. I wondered what kind of costs would be associated with this and how much would it cost/ would it definitely need replacing?
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2022.01.20 09:03 guardarian_com Bitcoin Monthly Returns(%) Will February be bullish for BTC?

Bitcoin Monthly Returns(%) Will February be bullish for BTC?
by Coinglass
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2022.01.20 09:03 DankIndeed- Intresting Painting indeed

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