does this group have a discord

2021.10.16 00:58 high-dro-guy22 does this group have a discord

if so can i join it if not can i help start one
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2021.10.16 00:58 The_Edditor Plat - looking for team

P4 looking for team to grind to diamond (and beyond?)
I main seer and prioritize positioning, etc.
Looking to create a good team with good team chemistry, etc.
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2021.10.16 00:58 Infinite_Funny_5759 How would you react if Boros was a good guy?

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2021.10.16 00:58 DekuNut Foreign Waves ft. Icaro Paiva - Resilient

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2021.10.16 00:58 Specialist_Ad3197 Why can’t I play the classic Warzone- teams of 4 with 100 people dropping into Verdansk?

I just got back into COD and only see “Scopes and Scatter”, “Rebirth”, “Payload”, “Clash”, “BR”, and “Private”.
What happened to that game format of classic quad matches in Verdansk of 100 people on that map?
Rebirth is just okay imo.
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2021.10.16 00:58 DuskPanthera While making some new memes I may have made a legit Meme for all purposes I call it......The Code. Meme on 2 separate pages. Meme on 1 page Templates for both included Enjoy.

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2021.10.16 00:58 NewsElfForEnterprise Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a strong 2-in-1 with too many hidden fees

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2021.10.16 00:58 zipzag Charging away from interstate Still Sucks

CHAdeMO down. Greenlots app not working Greenlots RFID card not working. Even a lone CCS charger was down if I had an adapter. I don't see that remote charging has improved much over the last couple of years. Even the J1772 I used was only 6kw.
On interstate I did use a 250KW Supercharger for the first time. Wow. That made the other part of my trip even more pathetic.
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2021.10.16 00:58 SuperLoliSlayer What are the Romaji lyrics to "Scarlet Police on Ghetto Patrol"?

asking for a friend
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2021.10.16 00:58 shewless11 [Recruiting for 1st panzer division] [A3] [NA EAST]

1st Panzer Division

We are a German WW2 era Panzer Division, currently starting in 1939 preparing for the invasion of Poland. Starting at he beginning of the war, and playing through till the end. We strive for realism while still having fun. Building a brotherhood between all members in and out of game.
We will be focused mainly on PvE operations always, but would like to possibly expand to joint operations with other units or PvP events eventually when we grow bigger and are more prepared.

5:00pm EST Saturday (Unit FTX/Side op)
7:00pm EST Sunday (Main op)

Age: 16+ (With exceptions)

Hours: We understand everyone has personal lives, if you can't make it all we ask is you fill out a LOA. If you don't show up for a while you will be moved to reserves however.

Schütze -(Rifleman)
Grenadier Schütze-(Grenadier Rifleman)
Sprengstoff Schütze-(Demolitions Rifleman)
MG-Schütze 1-(Machine Gunner)
MG-Schütze 2-(Assistant Machine Gunner)
Sanitäter-(Platoon Medic)
Krankenträger-(Squad Medic)
Funker-(RTO, limited positions available)
Stellvertreter-(Deputy Squad Leader)

Most of us are from North America, but we welcome anyone from around the world, as long as you are able to speak and comprehend English.

We do have a rank structure accurate to the German Army, but we do not have a yes sir, no sir policy.

There is a small basic training required to understand how the squads operate as well as our historically accurate formations and tactics used by the German Army.
There is no set amount of hours required, we welcome any skill level!

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining the unit please join the discord and reach out to a recruiter!
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2021.10.16 00:58 arthursmile lone pair repulsion and bond angle

Hello all. I'm having a bit of trouble understandings the concept of lp and its impact on the angle. For example SF2O has an angle smaller than 109 because of repulsion from the lp, so repulsion decreased the angle. However SCl2O has an angle also smaller than 109, but it's angle is bigger than SF20. my question is, since F are more electronegative, isn't the lp repulsion supposed to decrease? So since it decreased, the angle in SF2O should be bigger than the one in SCl2O because the repulsive force decreased now? Thank you in advance for all the help.
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2021.10.16 00:58 Connie-Boje Just a fun one to a classic

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2021.10.16 00:58 TheMeIonGod Tucker Speed Bell Eliminator Giveaway (12/31/2021) {CA US}

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2021.10.16 00:58 iwasjackduluoz Clarabelle the Cow says moo.

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2021.10.16 00:58 everythingfucked How much is too much?

My post was deleted for some reason. Maybe I breached some rules? I don’t know. Basically my question was about doing two balloons. I saw some replies before the question got deleted about how much it was. Maybe we mean different things? Because 2 balloons where I’m from is not a lot at all. Basically my question was about how much you can do one night. Also how often? I got balloons two times in three weeks, what do you think? Should I take vitamins? P.s. I’m not gonna do nitrous any time soon.
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2021.10.16 00:58 hilmiira End of the project

Sorry but I am planning to rest for a very long time and need to go, thanks for everyone<3
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2021.10.16 00:58 lord_braleigh Excellent write-up from Temple Gates Games on why their Race for the Galaxy AI is so good

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2021.10.16 00:58 Dagg3rface I don't understand why big vegetables farms have such creepy (or horny) fuckin packages sometimes. This one really creeps me out.

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2021.10.16 00:58 Greedy-Lengthiness17 Jesters OG costume

So Jesters original costume had a slight change and it was right on top of his reproducing parts. The producers said it drew too much attention to the area so they changed it.
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2021.10.16 00:58 zeci21 Zoltan C shield and cloakless win

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2021.10.16 00:58 SillyScissors Masonic Temple Parking

So I parked in the lot right across from the Temple and selected the Illenium option, the ticket says it expires at 10pm. Will the concert even be over by then? Or is that just a generic time?
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2021.10.16 00:58 TheOceanOfSand Beautiful image of an Old Caledonian forest in the autumn

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2021.10.16 00:58 svetlannaa97 If we believe, does that mean will be saved?

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2021.10.16 00:58 NotThePrez LF Lvl 72 M10 Nuclear Boom Sickle, Embers Purge, any Anoint.

Have a good bunch of stuff to trade, including a couple Plasma Coils and 25% CMTs.
Shift name is same as user name.
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2021.10.16 00:58 PenLight37 Is it though?

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