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Leslie and Andy

2021.10.16 01:08 sc0tlas Leslie and Andy

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2021.10.16 01:08 J3dr90 Best Bari Sax Harness?

I just started playing bari sax and all I have is a crappy neck strap. I can already tell that prolonged use will inevitably lead to neck issues. What is the best harness for a baritone sax?
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2021.10.16 01:08 Which_Relationship68 Endorsed by Andrew Callaghan. Include email at check out

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2021.10.16 01:08 KikiLebeauf Night Sky

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2021.10.16 01:08 Kaze_Senshi SECOM faz post com as coisas boas que aconteceram nos 1000 dias de governo do Bolsonaro

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2021.10.16 01:08 Soggy-Ad I am thinking about going for Medicine but don’t know if I could deal with the sacrifices

My friend’s dad is a successful ortho surgeon now in private practice (loves his job). He basically told me medicine becomes your whole being and your whole lifestyle. You don’t have much social life, become friends with other classmates. Money is tight. You end up putting kids on pause because you’re so busy (had his last child in early 40’s). You date either nurses or other doctors because that’s the only people you are around. You grind all day and sleep when you literally can.
For me in life I want to be able to go to the gym everyday, eat enough food for my health and gym progress, grow emotionally and mentally and be the best SO to someone in the future and be the best father to my future children. As well as get 7-8 hours sleep everyday (because it’s so important for health and longevity).
I was wondering if these things I’d want in life are all possible still with doing medicine or is the example from my friends father the usual case for most doctors and therefore may not be a good idea to pursue for me. I also haven’t shadowed any doctors or know what it would be like to be a doctor apart from some YouTube videos and anecdotes. All I know is I get immense pleasure out of helping people and being able to educate them to improve their well-being mentally and physically. I wouldn’t want to be a nurse because the work they do doesn’t appeal to me in some ways. I would want to be on the front lines while having the knowledge to help others and educate them directly
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2021.10.16 01:08 yeIIowish ready for the boop

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2021.10.16 01:08 MrGalaxyCat640 Doorgun driver

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2021.10.16 01:08 Negative-Ad8413 HPV vaccine

What are the chances of getting oral HPV after getting all 3 HPV vaccines when you were younger? I had oral sex almost 2 months ago now, I had a horrible HSV1 outbreak. My lymph nodes got swollen, I had bumps in my mouth, canker sores, sore throat etc. I have been nonstop stressing since this happened. And when I noticed none of the bumps we’re going away I started panicking even more. Because I didn’t know what caused the outbreak. I saw my doctor and she said she saw signs of oral thrush and gave me medicine to treat it. But the sore throat is still there. I have jaw pain, earaches, headaches, bumps, etc. Is it possible that this is HPV? I had a Pap smear done and it came out abnormal but they didn’t know whether or not it was caused by HPV
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2021.10.16 01:08 JuliBeast Worst experience of my life

A few years ago, when I was 10-12, I had this common nightmare, it was really weird because i saw something big and I was spinning around something, this nightmare also had doors with really big numbers, I remember feeling pain in my chest, like a saw was cutting me open. Everytime I had this nightmare I woke up and I would still see those things.
The last time I had this nightmare was when I was 13, everything was going as usual, I woke up but then something else went through my mind, and I ran to my parents bedroom door, I didn't knock or anything, I just stood there looking at it, I remember I thought if i stopped looking at the door the whole universe was going to reset. 3 hours passed and I decided to look away because I just gave up, and when i realised that nothing happened it was a great relief.
(Sorry if I made any grammatical mistakes, english is not my first language)
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2021.10.16 01:08 Relevant-Schedule-12 Getting faster and faster #1

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2021.10.16 01:08 BearsWithAxes What parka is this?

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2021.10.16 01:08 defreebiebuddy USB 3.1 Gen 2 Hub with Power Supply $45, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested USA

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2021.10.16 01:08 illkillyall PAX requesting pickup then txting requesting different location

I had several back to back PAX requesting pickup and after I arrived at location, they’d text me to say they were actually at a different location, several blocks away. I texted back “I’m at the pickup location you requested. If you’d like to change it, please do so in the app.” Invariably, I’d receive a follow-up text stating “I did request this location.” I’m not going to argue with them, so I wait until the wait time runs out, then cancel and collect my fee. PAX: It is not my responsibility to teach you how to use the app, nor how to navigate a map.
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2021.10.16 01:08 Tacomaguy24 Tour and COVID test question

I had my COVID test and got the result back. Do they let you show the result from a phone or does it actually have to be printed? From what I can see there's no real easy way to print it out.
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2021.10.16 01:08 Candid_Sky_9993 League client

I’ve had a lot of trouble loading into the client and loading into games. Anyone having this problem?
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2021.10.16 01:08 TheChonchi69 Melting Copper in a Stainless Steel Measuring Cup That Exploded a Hole in My Concrete

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2021.10.16 01:08 DavidOMarx Rear fender delete. Had to use the factory blinkers because the '21 doesn't have integrated blinkers in the taillight.

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2021.10.16 01:08 shroom2021 what do you call a kangaroo that is swimming in a pool?

A mar-soup-ial
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2021.10.16 01:08 Manbavaran_Witch What would it feel like to be eaten alive( swallowed by large predator)?

Not many organisms can eat a human in one gulp, I figure the Blue Whale would be the perfect specimen to use for this thought experiment. Can you even survive getting eaten by such a gigantic mammal? How long would you have to react to have a chance of survival? Is it painful even though you're not being chewed?
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2021.10.16 01:08 pineapplecatlady24 What the heck is this?

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2021.10.16 01:08 Illustrious-Ticket11 After your kid was born (or came into your care) what was your "holy shit I'm a parent" moment?

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2021.10.16 01:08 Relative_Escape160 Ps5 7’0 2 way facilitator looking for a rec squad DaRealVRoy

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