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I'm a pharmacy student. Yesterday in an online lesson our professor said that there are ads like this. Is that true? He said that they can easily sue you if you don't give enough information about using drugs. Like not giving enough information about side effects etc.
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From time to time I get diarrhea out of nowhere so I started writting down everything that I ate, down to the kind of food and weight and the time that I ate it so that when I get diarrhea, I know exactly what might have caused it. I also write down the hour I went to sleep and woke up, how much I walked and stuff related. Do you guys do that as well or is it just me?
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What colour is clay coloured stool can someone tell me the exact colour with 100% certainty
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2021.10.16 00:40 gofancyninjaworld Garou and the futility of heroism [webcomic spoilers]

I didn't want to talk about Garou, but I've read so many shallow takes and gotten so sick of the polarised debates that I have to say something.
<20 in bold at the end

I've recently been reading the Epic of Gilgamesh as a part of reducing my terrible ignorance of the foundations of Western literature. Cracking good yarn, highly recommended, but I’m not here to talk literature. The latter half of the story is dominated by Gilgamesh’s struggle against the idea that he is inevitably going to die.
Where this relates to Garou is not that he’s railing against the inevitability of death and the reality that everything built up over a life will crumble to dust. What Garou is struggling against is the seeming futility of heroism.
The good men do is written in water Garou's specific approach is all sorts of bad, but the reality he’s struggling against is something brought up repeatedly in One-Punch Man. One of the \big* themes in One-Punch Man is critically examining what a hero is actually good *for*.* No matter how diligent a hero is, no matter how strong they are, the world’s evils do not disappear.
It’s very outrageous and painful to acknowledge how small and fleeting one’s efforts are in the grand scheme of things.
It's not a hidden theme.
The moment we get a look into Saitama’s thoughts, it’s the very first thing he leads with. Literally the very first sentence of his thinking.
now, isn't this a downer on which to get to know the hero? Where's the optimism and can-do attitude?
Saitama might be the strongest hero ever, able to defeat anything in one punch. Not only has the world not become a better place as a result of his actions, but the very neighbourhood he lives in has become depopulated as it’s become too dangerous to live there. In its own way, having birdsong be the loudest sound in the morning is its own rebuke to Saitama’s ambitions of helping people.
Watchdogman is the most diligent hero ever, with a perfect monster elimination record. And yet, City Q is as monster-infested as ever. Should anything happen to him, it will be as if he never existed for all the good his previous efforts will have done its inhabitants.
however diligently he sits, the pedestal he’s on will crumble the moment he cannot do his job any longer.
If it were just monsters, the world of OPM would be bad enough. There are a lot of very bad people in OPM world and not just of the cackling mad scientist variety, although it’s got plenty of those too.
The world of One-Punch Man also has evils driven by factors that are far too big for any hero by their action to stop. Problems best addressed at the political or economic level aren’t going to be solved with a punch.
This universe has gotten hit by crapsack twice: fantasy violence *and* realistic complex conflicts
Even when the evil appears to be tied up with a single person, like the Ninja Village was established by That Man, getting rid of them doesn’t necessarily change affairs. The Village stole the freedoms and lives of boys for a at least another nine years after Blast defeated That Man. It was still too profitable to *not* do.
When you think about it, crime must pay fantastically in One-Punch Man
No deed too small to go unpunished
Even when you say you’re going to do something simple and heroic, like save a single child from the clutches of a monster… what do you mean by ‘saved’, exactly? How brutally difficult it is to save even a single person, how easily it is that your best efforts to be turned to naught by an adverse event, like springing a rabbit from a trap only to have it swooped up by a hawk, is fully on display this arc.

so many heroes’ efforts and yet Waganma went almost nowhere…truly like fetching water out of a river with a basket!
Other than Saitama, we see so many other heroes struggle with the reality of how little they can change things in the long term. Very notable is the conversation that Snek has with Suiryu, where Suiryu challenges Snek to justify why he bothers being a hero at all? “No matter how hard you try, it’s just drops of water on burning rocks,” Suiryu says, something done for self-satisfaction rather than because it actually creates meaningful change. Snek’s thoughts mirror Suiryu’s as he considers whether heroes are actually necessary at all.
painful thoughts but a damn good question
But I'm different Setting the scene
There's one essential factor that is absolutely on show, but that somehow everyone seems to miss: the importance of Garou's recent lived experiences. Garou might flash back to his formative years when he thinks of where his motivations stem from, but he has lived through something very important.
Where did Garou come of age?
Garou has been attending Bang’s dojo for a long time, way before City Z became the shit pit it is now.
at least three years ago, and we know thanks to the anime he'd been there even longer
If Bang’s dojo were in City H, where things are kept safe by a couple of low-class heroes, he would not have had the opportunity to see and question the effect of heroism. The progressively worsening situation would have been something happening far away, to other people. From his perspective, Bang's absences to tend to fires elsewhere would be noblesse oblige.
if it looks stupid but it works, it's not stupid
Being in City Z means that literally one month to the next, Garou has seen things get markedly worse and that despite City Z having the highest concentration of heroes we know of. He’s seen his mentor go and fight and go and fight and for every monster he slays, seemingly two spring up in its place. Month by month, Garou has seen the city become partially uninhabitable. He has seen gangs of criminals take advantage of the instability and move in. Furthermore, he has made the link that come to that, ‘regular’ people are no great shakes either. They may not rob banks or create monsters, but their discrimination, bullying and disrespect to one another are grim.
That’s the environment in which he started to ask himself if this is *it*, if this is all heroism can be about. It doesn't seem to help with the big problems and it's hopeless at addressing the petty cruelties of the world. And as he stands on the cusp of adulthood trying to decide what impact he wants to have on the world, he’s looked at the world of heroes and decided that no, he’s going to do something different.
Now we're ready to talk about what that idea was.
The idea
Garou’s Very Bad No Good Plan to Avoid Heroic Heartbreak he laid out in chapter 41. Quite simply, heroes always have to wait for bad things to happen and then react to punish the evildoers and/or save people.
But what if it was possible to take the initiative instead, like a monster does? What if by so doing, people could stop wanting to be bad and monsters could stop wanting to attack people? That’s where the Human Monster was born, the quest to create a persona so strong that no one could oppose it, and so senselessly evil that no one dared to do anything that attracted its attention.
punishing the good and evil alike, don't make him come your way if you know what's good for you
I see a lot of readers read superficially, misunderstand and think Garou is punishing heroes in some way. That heroes are bad in some way. Nothing like that: he attacks heroes because they’re good and devote their lives to protecting people. After all, only a total monster would do that. Also, if even the strongest heroes aren’t safe, what hope have the regular people of this world?
All throughout the arc, that Garou doesn’t actually want to be a monster at heart is clear to every actual monster. It’s clear to us as we see his interactions with Tareo. It’s clear to he himself as he tries to steel himself to take a life just to prove to himself that he can (thankfully it’s Saitama he tries to kill).
It’s what makes Saitama’s bullshit-cutting words as cutting as they are. Ultimately, his trying to scare the world into being good is his way of running away from the tough, heart-breaking work of being a hero.
there is a crazy confidence a hero needs to embody in order to step up, as if by doing so they can do something
The pathos that we can empathise with is that it’s hard to look on a world as messed up as theirs is and not feel that surely, surely there’s something more that one can do. Garou’s questions, and his struggle, are absolutely legitimate.
I’m going to let the however hang a moment…
Planting trees on the eve of Armageddon For a story that's allegedly a parody, the thoroughness with which it unpicks the idea of heroism is very serious.
If we meet a hero who hasn't questioned the value and validity of what they do, it's most likely because we haven't been privy to their thoughts long enough.
It’s childish thinking to frame heroism in terms of strength and it’s not much better to frame it in terms of being of exceptional virtuousness. One-Punch Man does not make its heroes paragons of virtue, nor pillars of strength. What a hero is, according to ONE, is someone who can look honestly at the cruelty and randomness of the world, someone who can acknowledge frankly the fleeting nature of any good they can do, someone who can feel the pain of this reality fully. And then choose to reach a hand out to help anyway.
In a world where feeling helpless in the face of impossibly large and complex problems feels inescapable, cynicism is too ready a refuge, and just looking out for yourself is common sense, the mere act of reaching that hand out is an act of courage.
not with illusions of good triumphing over evil, but the dogged determination to do the right thing even if the world burns down anyway. That’s what being a hero is about.
…the specific manner in which Garou worked out his inner conflict was not legitimate. He picked the worst possible way at the worst possible time to wrestle with it. Which I think goes to a second theme: that your feelings may be valid. But that does not mean that every action that follows from those feelings is valid. Garou hurt a lot of good people and impeded their vital work at a time the world could ill-afford it.
Thankfully, this is not where the story ends.

One of the joys of fiction is that not only do characters act for reasons that make sense, but we get to hear and understand *why*. And at the same time, the external actions they take on the world persist. I’m very happy too that ONE isn’t glossing over the consequences of Garou’s actions. Too many readers pick one or the other and lose half the joy. I think that's very half-assed.
Thankfully, ONE isn’t a half-ass.
It doesn’t become okay for the heroes that Garou attacked that they were assaulted. It doesn’t become okay for the world that so many people were needlessly deprived of heroes when they needed them most. And it isn’t okay for Garou that he’s made an outlaw of himself as a result of his actions.
The ramifications on both personal and societal are going to be explored for the individuals involved. I bless ONE for his conscientiousness and for creating so many excellent characters that make the enterprise worth the candle.
It might not be Gilgamesh making peace with the fact of his death and finding a way to find meaning in his life anyway, but making peace with the limitations of what one can do as an individual is a problem that is both very topical and timeless. Making peace with the fact that nothing lasts forever is another. Accepting that the world will not change and yet finding a meaningful way forward is a little triumph in and of itself.
Facing up to that reality and deciding how he's going to live his life is where we're at with Garou at the moment. Whatever he decides, I'm here for it.
<20: Garou's story is about the pain of accepting the inevitable. And taking courage to do good anyway.

Coda Of course, that’s not the whole story. There’s one other part. Occasionally, by being the right person willing and able to step up in the right way at the right time, a hero can change *everything*. And those events? Those are the stuff of legends.
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Lol JK.. that show match was a fluke, there was hardly any competition. Maybe the hate for China will simmer down a little now though lol. We didn’t really get to see the hidden power secret techs of China like WALL GRENADES or much of the dynasty system at all. I personally can’t wait to start smashing the ladder with what ppl think is weak, I’m sure we will still be underestimated but it won’t be long before their minds are changed.. by show of force!
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When he was crawling to his knife. He ALMOST got me to feel bad for him.
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This isn’t exactly what I’m trying to ask. I crossed over information (not in the LoO) sometime ago that described the level of Ra’s Intelligence and it was some doctoral level of education (or something similar). This information also described (paraphrasing) how no human could possibly answer the way Ra does.
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Basically the above post. If I do this, what should I put my temps as?
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