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2022.01.20 08:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Ousmane Dembélé told to leave Barcelona by end of transfer window | Guardian

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2022.01.20 08:48 Dr_Gas_Mask Spare points recently lost 440k and asking for some help from reddit if possible !givepoints AZMaples (Any amount) anything helps I was working so hard and rouletted all of it and lost it all please give me some juice

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2022.01.20 08:48 saltireblack Party on Edna

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2022.01.20 08:48 DevilBusterRage The one time it's okay to straight up murder a heretic, and you choose peace?

typical good guy homebrew campaign.
lawful good paladin being the group dad/enforcer while also being the perfect violent religious extremist.
rest of party being an eclectic mix of sorcerer, cleric, warlock/fighter, barbarian, and wizard. none of which are very important for the following
ex.: doesn't let party do morally ambiguous things unless it's for the good of his particular God and their domain.
remember magic was outlawed and considered a "Kill-on-sight" offense by the paladin's church. while the god of said church doesn't actually have any issue with magic.
the miracles of God are decidedly not considered magic.
its a fantasy religion so, obligatory: "corruption? what corruption?"
glance at the other players, two of which regularly cast magic-like abilities in front of the paladin.
through the better part of a year OOC they convince paladin IC that they are using magic for the greater good.
sorcerer gets power from celestial blood so he was given a free pass from the beginning, used himself as an example to help convince paladin to not off the rest of the party.
takes some time, but they manage to get through to him, and through dangerous situations they build comraderie and trust.
cut to some time later, the party is investigating some magical ruins that used to allow travel between realms that may be leaking evil things into the material world.
immediate solution brainstormed by party is to destroy it.
some entity doesn't want that and sends a powerful oathbreaker to stop them.
cue ominous music as an evil knight steps through a magical gateway to greet the party.
oathbreaker was a member of paladin's order and makes it obvious with a long-winded speech about how he should look at the hypocrisy of the faiths and make his own decisions. Goads paladin into battle.
paladin decides to engage in philosophical debate with him.
paladin has been smiting heretics and spreading the good word through the sword up until just now.
the one time the party is threatened by someone who is a literal blasphemer and he doesn't even unsheath his sword.
this man has drawn on his allies before.
this man has drawn on a mostly innocent bystander who happened to overhear the process for making holy water when sorcerer was talking about it loudly.
this man has threatened to draw his blade on literal children if they threaten the people of his faith or badmouth the God he worships.
IC players are split between laughing at the irony and screaming at the paladin to do his job.
OOC we're in hysterics because of this.
good character development, I guess?
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2022.01.20 08:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘His family robbed the country’: personality cult of ex-Kazakh leader crumbles | Guardian

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2022.01.20 08:48 mainhugiyaan Are my other Addresses Safe

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Adding 5
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2022.01.20 08:48 plugindeals iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced & R4 Bundle Sale (Exclusive) - 77% Off

iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Advanced & R4 Bundle Sale (Exclusive) - 77% Off
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2022.01.20 08:48 JulesWinnfield7 Awair Element doesn't get any rewards.

Hi all, I added a second type 4 sensor to my app a few days ago, but since then my sensor doesn't get any rewards.
I did all necessary steps like I did for the first one, why hasn't it make any planets yet?
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2022.01.20 08:48 Talloneus Trying to get into offshore work

Its my first season working in the oil patch. I currently work as an operator around saskatchewan/manitoba for a well testing company. I dont mind the job, but have always wanted to work offshore, on an offshore rig or something. I am fully vaccinated, and have a valid passport. Any advice on how best get myself a job? I already work 12 hour days for months at a time in the middle of nowhere, so am pretty comfortable with that aspect of the job.
Currently only have a high school education. My current job only pays $165 a day (yay day rates, so no overtime pay) wanting to get into a job where I can slave away a few years, and spend my cash on post secondary with no loans. Hoping offshore can do that for me
Only positions I can seem to find online are for engineers, that require degrees and expierence. Are there any offshore rig jobs that dont require post secondary?
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2022.01.20 08:48 Working-Ad1308 My gf has a group sex fantasy

We were talking about our fantasies when she shared that her fantasy is group sex (gang bang) to be exact. I have been scared ever since she shared this with me as I am completely monogamous person. Is this the end for us? Can she be happy without fulfilling this fantasy? It feels as if I cant sleep, its 4 am here. I have been trying to sleep for 5 hours now but mental movies appear everytime I close my eyes! What can I do here?
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2022.01.20 08:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Turnip fever: the Jarramplas festival in Spain | Guardian

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2022.01.20 08:48 hiranourai Jedi general Kai'lado - custom I made a while back Instagram @hiranourai

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2022.01.20 08:48 Competitive-Ninja416 Sadhana - anyone have thoughts on this app slated to release on MahaShivratri?

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2022.01.20 08:48 Gorehawk41 An Interesting Title

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2022.01.20 08:48 DwighteMarsh Seraphina of House Ex Miscellanea

This is the third of the four magi I created and advanced with Extremely detailed Character generation. She was in fact the maga that I was asking the question about inventing a holy magic spell to boost her presence. The consensus opinion on that question was to do it, but at this point she has not yet invented that spell.
Characters like her are the reason I like to do extremely detailed character generation, as the effect of half source quality of reading books to advance her hermetic arts by reading books and getting three additional XP per adventure and two additional XP per season spent practicing is hard to calculate otherwise.
Couple of notes, The disfiguration is a big red birthmark that covers half her face. Even though she knows Holy Disguise of the New Visage, it is not normally on as it would cause warping if worn all the time.
The Plauged by a Faerie is a powerful, highly cognizant faerie who is interested in acting in stories where he causes some sort of mess and is dealt with by the holy magician. The fairy expects to lose, but he wants as many complications as possible, so the story is worth telling. One of the complications the fairy likes to use is the mundane people not trusting Seraphina (she is disfigured and has the Gift!) Seraphina has started to try to resolve these conflicts in as an anticlimactic way as possible. She hopes to have the fairy lose interest in her, but it has not worked so far.
Seraphina of House Ex Miscellanea
Wizards Sigil: Triangles
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1 , Pre -1, Com +2 , Str +0, Sta +2 Dex +0, Qik +0
Size: 0
Age: 70 (Appears 43) Height :5’ 7” Weight: 155 lbs, Gender: Female
Decrepitude: 1
Warping Score: 3 (11)
Confidence: 1 (13)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Holy Magic, True Faith, Affinity with Creo, Cautious Sorcerer, Educated, Independent Study, Quiet Magic (x2) Subtle Magic, Tough, Chaotic Magic, Pious (major) Plagued by Faerie, Disfigured, Hedge Wizard, No Sense of Direction, Temperate
Personality Traits: Devout: +7 Indifference to Opinion of Others: +3 Patient: +2
Dodge: Init: +0, Attack -, Defense +1, Damage : NA
Soak: +5
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
Abilities: Area Knowledge: Holy Roman Empire: 3 (pilgrimage sites) Arties Liberales 1 (geometry) Athletics: 3 (running) Awareness: 4 (alertness) Brawl: 1 (dodging) Charm:2 (children) Code of Hermes: 2 (relations with the Church) Concentration: 3 (spells) Dominion Lore: 5 (Divine Creatures) Etiquette: 2 (The Church) Faerie Lore: 4 (discerning faerie effects) Finesse: 2 (Creo) Folk Ken: 5 (peasants) Guile: 1 (saying truthful things to not be believed) High German: 5 (expansive vocabulary) Holy Magic Theory: 5 (9) (Creo) Infernal Lore: 1 (demons) Intrigue: 2 (discerning interests of those in power) Italian: 4 (storytelling) Latin: 4 (Hermetic usage) Leadership: 2 (inspriation) Magic Lore: 3 (traditions) Magic Theory: 3 (Creo) Medicine: 1 (anatomy) Order of Hermes Lore: 1 (history) Parma Magica: 7 (Mentum) Penetration: 3 (Creo) Philosophiae: 1 (moral philosophy) Stealth: 3 (natural areas) Survival: 1 (Italy) Swim:2 ((underwater maneuvering) Theology: 6 (10) (biblical knowledge)
Arts: Cr 26 (8) , In 8 (5) , Mu 8 (4), Pe 8 (2), Re 9, An 9 , Aq 7 (4), Au: 8, Co: 14 (8), He:8, Ig 8, Im 9, Me 11 (3), Te 8, Vi 9
Twilight Scars:
Equipment: Robe, walking stick.
Encumbrance: 0
Spells Known:
Feed the Covenant Veal: (CrAn 25) +37
Holy Mighty Torrent of Water: (CrAq 20) +35 (this version uses Presence Range)
Holy Subtle Taste of Poison and Purity: (InAq 5) +17
Holy Touch of the Pearls: (InAq 5) +17
Holy Chamber of Spring breeze: (CrAu 5) +36 (This variant uses Sun Duration)
Holy Chamber of Spring Breeze: (CrAu 5) +36 (This variant uses Sabbath Duration)
Holy Broom of the Winds: (CrAu 15) +36 (This variant uses Presence Range)
Holy True Sight of the Air: (InAu 15) +18
Lesser Holy Purification of the Festering Wound: (CrCo 15) +42
Holy Restoration of the Defiled Body: (CrCo 25) +42
Holy Gentle Caress of Aesclepius: (CrCo 30) +44
Holy Improve Seraphina’s Strength: (CrCo 30) +44
Holy Eyes of the Cat: (MuCo 5 An req) +19
Holy Surefootedness of the Craig Leaper (MuCo 5 An req) +19
Holy Disguise of the New Visage: (MuCo 15) +24
Holy Curse of the Unruly Tounge: (ReCo 5) +25 (uses Office duration and presence range)
Holy Trap of the Entwining Vines: (CrHe 15) +36
Feed the Covenant Bread: (CrHe 10) +45
Holy Hunt for the Wild Herb: (InHe 5) +18 (This variant uses office duration)
Holy Intuition of the Forest: (InHe 10) +18
Holy Heat of the Searing Forge: (CrIg 10) +36 (This variant uses Presence Range)
Holy Philum of Fire (CrIg 20) +37 (This Variant uses Presence Range)
Spell Mastery: 1 Penetration
Holy Tales of the Ashes (InIg 5) +18
The Evesdropping Wizard (InIm 5) +19
Holy Discern the Image of Truth and Faleshood: (InIm 10) +19
Holy Words of Unbroken Silence: (CrMe 10) +39
Holy Sight of the Transparent Motive (InMe 10) +21
Holy The Call to Slumber: (ReMe 10) (This variant uses Presence Range)
Shackle the Unsuspecting Villain: (CrTe 20) +36
Holy Wizards Reach: Corpus (MuVi 10) +19 (This variant uses Presence Range)
Holy Demons Etermal Obilion: (PeVi 10) +19
Holy Cleanse the Room of Demons (PeVi 15) +19
Non Standard Spells
All of Seraphina’s spells were invented using Holy Magic, so in that sense, they are all non standard. Spells that are normally voice range have been invented at presence range instead. The spells below have no published Hermetic equivalent
Feed the Covenant Veal: (CrAn 25)
Range: Touch, Duration: Momentary, Target: Group, ritual spell
Creates 8 dead calves. The meat is suitable for eating once cooked and the hide is suitable for turning into parchment. It costs Seraphina two long term fatigue levels to cast this spell, or five pawns of Animal or Creo Vis.
Improve Seraphina’s Strength (CrCo 30)
Range: Personal, Duration: Momentary, Target: Individual, ritual spell
Increases Casters strength by +1, to no more than 0. As Holy Magic, it costs Seraphina two long term fatigue levesl to cast this spell.
Feed the Covenant Bread (CrHe 20)
Range: Touch, Duration: Momentary Target: Group, +3 Size modifiers
Creates around 40,000 loaves of bread, or less if the caster believes that amount would go to waste. It costs Seraphina two long term fatigue levels to cast this spell or four pawns of Creo or Herbam vis.
Shackle the Unsuspecting Villain
Range: Presence, Duration: Office, Target: Individual
Creates shackles around the feet of the target.
Holy Cleanse the Room of Demons
Range: Touch, Duration Momentary Target: Room
Does Level-5 Damage to each demon within a room if the spell penetrates the demons magic resistance. Because the target is room, it can effect demons which are not directly perceived. Is especially useful against demons who are possessing people and have split their magical might between multiple people, as each possession if effected individually. Seraphina normally casts this spell in rooms where multiple people are convellesing from illness, in case the illness is being caused by demons rather than by bad air.
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2022.01.20 08:48 KurtCobainx Wisdom tooth removal sensitivity (and tips?)

I've been scouring the internet for ways to heal up asap because i hate the idea of being impaired in any way and i made some observations...
It seems that it's pretty standard for Americans to get general anesthesia while here in Germany I'd feel like a little wimp if i had requested that haha (probably because local is free whereas general means you have to pay on top). It makes me wonder to what extent the wisdom tooth procedure and recovery are actually bad or if people are just kind of sensitive yk? I'm pretty sure I was probably just very lucky because i had all four pulled at once (it took like a half hour) under local anesthesia and now 28 hrs later i haven't taken pain meds (and by that i mean ibuprofen) in 14 hrs.
I was hoping that maybe there are others with a similar story to mine who were healed up quick because of how smooth everything went. I'd like to be over this within a few days, maybe you also have some tips?
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2022.01.20 08:48 ManLikeMeee Can someone help me identify this please? Just been bought for £1 from a small store.

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2022.01.20 08:48 LowLeak Best index fund for 401k

Best index fund for 401k
Hello, I am primarily an individual stock investor with little to medium experience with index funds. I have the freedom to invest in any fidelity index fund on the market in my 401k through brokeragelink. Basically, do the investing gods recommend dumping everything into a SP500 index fund for 401k? I am 27 with high risk tolerance and max out my contributions at this time. When I tried researching this online, I mostly was hit in the face with ads and blogs that do not appear trustworthy. I also limit myself to only very low expense index funds. Any advice/links/books recommended will be greatly appreciated. If you have a recommendation, please let me know your rationale for my own education.
I am currently 100% invested into a total market index fund.
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